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Someone buy this game-used Walter Payton uniform so I don’t

A piece of Bears history is up for auction and anyone can bid on it.

Fans Bears Photo by Mike Powell/Getty Images

The internet is a wonderful thing: Just about anything can be bought or sold and things that used to be difficult to find or were only available in exclusive, stuffy, rich person auctions are now out in the open for anyone to bid on.

Take for example this amazing game-worn Walter Payton uniform (with towel!) available from Goldin Auctions.

The lot appears to come with two pieces of documentation that certify its authentication.

The description does not say which game the uniform was worn in or which season except to say it is from the “mid-1980s.” So there’s a small chance it’s from the fabled Super Bowl XX season, but even if not, it is likely from a playoff-bound season.

The uniform is screen-printed, which was news to me. Stitching must be a relatively new things.

Using the Bears’ official website, this jersey would have be in the ‘84-’87 range due to the location of the GSH initials (moved to the left sleeve in ‘84) and the blue pants (introduced also in ‘84). The handwritten “34-87” in the waistline of the pants perhaps points to it being from Walter’s final NFL season.

The whole package includes a photo of the man himself, the uniform and towel with “Sweetness” monogram and KangaROOS logo. The only thing missing is a headband!

As of this writing, with four days remaining, the price is sitting at $10,000. A steep price but can you put a price on being able to suit up as the franchise leader in rushing and doling out punishing hits to would-be tacklers?

I can’t afford $10,000 at this moment, but surely someone out there can and will buy it and then write a Fanpost about it’s aura and glory. Kids college fund? Get a scholarship junior! 401K? Please! Roll into work on casual Friday with this sweet get up on and the boss will let you retire with full benefits. Heck, just mount it on a mannequin or frame it and stick it in your garage or Bears cave and charge $10 to the neighborhood fans to come gawk at it. It’ll pay for itself in no time!

Actually, I’ll have to float that last one by Honey Bear Householder...

No word on if suiting up in it allows the wearer to be able to leap over piles of linemen or truck unsuspecting LBs.