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It looks like the Chicago Bears are keeping the band together

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

When you go three and thirteen, you can’t simply keep the status quo can you? I suppose you could really sell us on the development of the youngsters and the fact that the high amount of injuries stunted the growth of your football team, but three wins is still three wins and three wins sucks.

When the franchise seems to have taken a step back, how can you just trot out the same group of guys to lead the team?

Black Monday has come and gone for the Chicago Bears and it looks like general manager Ryan Pace, head coach John Fox and his entire coaching staff will be retained. Pace and Fox are set to meet the media tomorrow, but if a change was going to be made, odds are we’d have heard something by now.

There could be a surprise firing, demotion or hiring, but so far, the Bears seem to be staying the course.

In my latest edition of my T Formation Conversation podcast (Subscribe now for free on iTunes!), I discuss Pace, Fox, the coaching staff and possible changes.

What do you guys feel is the best move for the Bears? The continuity of rolling with the same leadership or making some changes?