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Bears’ Wide Receiver Coach Leaves Team

NFL: Redskins at Chicago Bears
Meredith did well under Johnson’s tutelage.
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears continue to see change to a coaching staff that was, by early reports, expected to remain largely intact. In this case, Curtis Johnson will be leaving the Chicago Bears after just one year (he was hired in February on a one year contract). Johnson credited for his work with Cameron Meredith and the rest of the Bears wide receivers during what was by most definitions a difficult year. Before coming to Chicago, Johnson had been employed by the New Orleans Saints as a senior wide receivers assistant and by Tulane as their head coach.

For those keeping track at home, the Bears have now lost three position coaches on offense (Magazu at offensive line and Drayton with the running backs). They have also lost their assistant defensive backs coach and their outside linebackers coach. Thus, while it is true that the “top” of the coaching structure has remained intact, there has been considerable movement at the position level.