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Charles Tillman says he’d join the Packers to win a championship

While fans see sports as a competition with loyalties and rivalries, players see it as a job with great pay and opportunities to accomplish goals.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Human beings by nature love to choose sides on things, and go to battle with anyone on the other side. Chevy versus Ford, Auburn versus Alabama. Republican versus Democrat. My team versus yours.

It’s funny sometimes how easily people are persuaded to join one side or another, many times simply echoing the values that their friends and families had growing up.

Sports are like that, with unwavering loyalties coming from the fan-base, that can last literally a lifetime.

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Think, though, about what we always hear the actual athletes say when it’s time for a contract, trade, or other business transaction” “It’s a business.”

And they’re right. It’s a job that they get paid to do, just like each of us every day, and they have to perform to maximize their earnings. Even if it’s for a team they didn’t grow up a fan of.

So while they want to win for the team they are currently playing for, they don’t develop loyalties, for the most part, like fans.

Charles Tillman, who spent the majority of his career with Chicago Bears, tweeted that he’s ready to sign with the Green Bay Packers, if they’l have him, because he’s still searching for a Championship ring.

And many Bears fans are flipping out about that, cursing him, turning their backs due to that weird blind loyalty thing.

If it bothers you, calm down. The guy’s just looking for work, which any and all of us fans will do at one point or another in our own careers.