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Wild Card Saturday Open Thread

NFL: Chicago Bears at Houston Texans
One of these teams made the playoffs
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Wild Card weekend in the NFL features teams that are not the Bears, and some of those teams have actual quarterbacks.

Already going on is a contest between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans. This features a third-string quarterback who (at one point in this contest) had a sub-5 passer rating going up against the quarterback benched for Tom Savage.

Of course, the real showdown is between the defenses, and there are some interesting defensive players to watch on either team—Clowney, Mack, Mercilus, and Joseph come immediately to mind.

After the AFC game, it’s time to turn to the Detroit Lions facing the Seattle Seahawks. While some Bears fans might be cheering for the meteor, the game itself has some interesting potential. Stafford has had an up-and-down year, but it’s been mostly up. Meanwhile, the Seattle defense continues to play the kind of football that should make Bears fans a little envious, especially in the secondary.

What are you watching, if you’re watching?

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