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Wildcard Sunday Playoff Thread

NFL: Chicago Bears at San Diego Chargers
We miss you, Adam!
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Bear-less playoffs continue today, but there are a number of Bears-related story-lines.

First off, the Miami Dolphins face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Under the leadership of former Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase, the Dolphins (6-10 in 2015) have improved to 10-6 and are enjoying their first winning season since 2008. Meanwhile, the perennial contenders from Pittsburgh are the sole team representing the AFC North after two years of that division being home to at least two playoff teams.

The second game is probably the read draw for Bears fans. The New York Giants are traveling to Wisconsin to play the Green Bay Packers. The good news is that Eli Manning has won multiple playoff games and Lambeau. The bad news is that there’s a playoff game at Lambeau.

We could probably throw something in here about the Packers and yadda, yadda, but the commentators will give you as many factoids as you could possibly want about the team that Halas saved from oblivion.

Instead, we ask that you sound off below, follow community guidelines, and Open Thread responsibly.