Should the Bear's trade out of the #3 pick

It is just a trade gadget idea that I was looking at on a draft site, but would it be worth considering.

They could trade with the Brown's, get the #12(1200), #33(580), #50(400) for a draft value of 2180 for the value of #3(2200)

so trade back 10 places in the first round, giving up the #3 and getting a #12 first rounder, the top pick of the second round and the #50 which is the middle of the second round.

Another option would be the TItans #5(1700), #18(900), and #82(180) for the #3(2200), #35(550), and #148(32) the values would be 2782-2780

so trade #3 pick in the first round, the #35 pick in second round, and the #148 in the beginning of the 5th round for #5 and #18 in the first round, and #82 in the middle of the 3rd

I feel like you get more bang for your buck with the Cleveland trade because you get 3 quality picks for the 1, but the Tennessee trade still keeps you in the top 5 of the draft, swaps your 2nd and 5th rounders for a 1st and 3rd.

Of course it would be wisest to have one of these trades set up pre-draft, and you would have to get one of the teams to accept the trade in order for this hypothetical to actually become reality.

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