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NFL Power Rankings: I find your lack of faith in the Bears disturbing

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
The Bears are working out a couple of new inside linebackers
Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears lost again.

While that royally sucks, in the grand scheme of things, this season is about development, not winning percentage. Monday night was a good first step in determining if Mitchell Trubisky can be the franchise. Early returns are promising, but it’s far too early to tell exactly what the kid will be. Although if you peruse social media, you can find those ready to anoint him The Man, and others calling him a wasted pick.

It was an erratic performance, but that was to be expected. He’s a rookie making his first NFL start against a good Vikings’ defense, but the good outweighed the bad in my opinion. The future looks bright for the Bears with Trubisky at the helm.

But let’s take a look around some NFL power rankings to see how they view the Bears.

First up is the “Hope” rankings at SB Nation and they dropped the Bears down to 24th from 18 last week. I have more hope this week now that the Bears finally decided to bench Mike Glennon for The Kid.

ESPN not only ranked the teams, but they went with a playoff prediction for each one. They have the Bears down to 30th.

Mitchell Trubisky had his growing pains in his regular-season debut (especially late in the game), but his performance on Monday gives Bears fans something to look forward to. One thing Chicago fans won't be looking forward to, though? The playoffs. The Bears have less than a 1 percent chance of making it.

CBS Sports has the Bears standing pat at 28th.

Mitchell Trubisky did some good things in his first start, but he threw a late interception. He flashed talent, which gives them hope for the future. has the Bears down one spot to 25.

If you're a Bears fan, you have permission to throw down a bottle of Wild Turkey and rip your Randy Moss and Tommy Kramer football cards to shreds. Good grief. Of the three key penalties -- the hold on the Jordan Howard non-touchdown, the OPI to Terence Newman's facemask and the holding call on Leonard Floyd -- only the pass interference looked legit. The first one -- the Markus Wheaton "hold" -- is commonly referred to as "blocking" in today's NFL. You can't call back touchdowns on that stuff. The Floyd penalty was quite ticky-tacky. Mitch Trubisky will learn to throw the ball away.

They agree! The Bears were screwed!

Here’s how NBC Sports has it.

28) Chicago Bears

Last week's ranking: 26

This week's result: L, 20-17 vs. Vikings

Why they're here: Mitch Trubisky's debut was entertaining — his first career TD came off of a deflected pass, and the Bears also scored on a fake punt — but it ended unfavorably for the rookie, as his foolish interception in the fourth allowed the Vikings to set up their final field goal. He did have his bright spots, but his next few starts will be filled with more downs than ups.

It was a slideshow, but I didn’t have to far to find Chicago.

Here’s how Yahoo had it.

29. Chicago Bears (1-4, LW: 26)

A fake punt? A tricky reverse/option pitch two-point conversion play? Who is this dynamic new Bears coach and what did he do with John Fox? The big story from Monday night was Mitch Trubisky, who struggled. But there are better days ahead.

The USA Today has the Bears up 2 to 25!

Mitchell Trubisky's athleticism brings an added dimension to Chicago's offense, but it could be a while before he's ready to win games.

And finally, we’ll check in with the Detroit Free Press.

29. Chicago Bears (1-4, last week: 26): Not a sparkling debut for Mitchell Trubisky, but he showed enough to make Bears fans believe he belongs as the starting quarterback.

What are your thoughts on these power rankings?