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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

Check out my Thoughts on the NFL and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

1) When “it” goes for an athlete, it’s not always a slow trickle of ability that takes a few years, sometimes it’s a splat as sudden as fall off a cliff.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was contemplating retirement after his 2016 season, and now after throwing five interceptions to the Jacksonville Jaguars, he’s wondering if he even has “it” anymore. When asked if he’d doing anything different this year Ben said, "I don't think so, but maybe I am. Maybe I don't have it anymore. I'm not playing well enough."

When a player starts to doubt himself just a few months after thinking about retiring, there’s a chance it goes go downhill really fast.

Then again, Roethlisberger claims his remarks have nothing to do with doubting himself. "Nope. If anybody in this room ever has that doubt, they probably aren't here. You know what I'm saying? Professional athletes shouldn't have doubt."

Okay, then what the hell was that whole. “Maybe I don't have it anymore” business?

He’s thirty five years old and in his fourteenth season, so if he was having doubts I don’t think anyone would criticize him too harshly for that.

2) Staying with that same game, the first place Jags look much better this season. That defense has been stockpiling talent the last few years, and now the offense has a workhorse in rookie running back Leonard Fournette.

3) That Sunday Night game was brutal for non contact injuries.

Houston’s J.J. Watt was engaged with a blocker, but there was no direct contact to his lower body.

He suffered a tibial plateau fracture which sounds worse when explained by a doctor. According to Dr. Mark Adickes, this injury is a “more severe trauma to the joint than an ACL. Instead of a ligament tearing, the bone broke.”

As soon as I saw the ChiefsChris Conley go down with his non contact, I thought Achilles.

The replay confirmed my thought.

If you are a little squeamish, I’d just pass on this tweet, skip past #4, and settle in at #5.

4) Still here? OK...

The New York Giants lost Odell Beckham to a fractured ankle.

The Giants did pick up Beckham’s 2018 option, but after that, he’s looking to sign the largest contract in the history of the NFL. Not just the biggest wide receiver deal, but the biggest of all time.

This injury may put a damper on that.

5) The Miami Dolphins found a way to eek out a win against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, but that wasn’t what dominated the sports scene in south Florida.

When you have an assistant coach record himself snorting cocaine, that’s probably going to lead the nightly newscast.

6) The Arizona Cardinals are 2-3 and their offensive philosophy is very Mike Martzian. Head coach Bruce Arians has never believed in keeping extra pass blockers in on plays.

Quarterback Carson Palmer has already been sacked 19 times this year, and at 37 years old, he’s gotta be close to being fed up with the offense.

7) Last month Arizona running back Chris Jonson tweeted this in regards to the lack of use the Saints were giving Adrian Peterson.

On Tuesday the Cardinals traded for Peterson and cut Johnson.

8) Former Brown’ wide out Josh Gordon is only 26 years old and looking for another chance in the NFL after being suspended for drug use.

If he truly has his life in order, this man is deserving of another chance in the NFL.

9) Former Bears defensive tackle Stephen Paea retired from the NFL yesterday.

He was never able to stay healthy throughout his career, but he was one of those guys that I always rooted for. His only season in Chicago when he played a full 16 games was 2014, and it was also his best year as a pro. He tallied 6 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 2 blocked passes, and 33 tackles.

Who are some of your under-the-radar favorite Bears’ players?

10) It was one game.

Check out the stat line from Deshaun Watson’s first in game action.

The Texans inserted him the second half of the week one game with the Jacksonville Jaguars holding a 19-0 lead, and he went 12 for 23 (52.2%), for 102 yards, 1 TD, 1 Int, and a passer rating of 60.4.

His second game, in which he received the start, Wastson was 15 of 24 (62.5%), for 125 yards and a 75.9 passer rating. In those six quarters of action, he was sacked 7 times, and he ran for 83 yards and a TD.

Did Mitchell Trubisky struggle at times in his debut? Yep.

Is Skip Bayless an idiot? Also yep.