Time for a Change Part II

I still find football players switching from one position to another intriguing and even though I covered this in a post a few years ago I wanted to do it again. To clarify, I’m not talking about an outside linebacker moving to the inside or a player shifting around on the line; props to guys like Dan Hampton and Kyle Long for being able to move around to different positions when called upon, but this is about players who move to a position that requires different skill sets. That being said, with a little bit of digging, I present to you the Time for a Change Quiz Part 2: The Quizening. Below are 10 current or former Chicago Bears who changed positions either before or while on the team. Answers will be posted in the comments when I post ‘em.

1. This receiver is arguably a better quarterback than the one who was throwing him the ball last year. Understandable since he played QB in college.

2. This guy is a baller at tight end but if you asked him, he might pitch in and help out at quarterback.

3. He exclusively played quarterback for the Bears but he was impressive for a while as a wide receiver and ultimately finished out his career with a punt.

4. I honestly don’t remember this guy but he played defensive end for the Seahawks and Bears before he was asked to switch to tight end. He was then released by the Bears, signed with the Patriots and then went on injured reserve. He does have a Super Bowl ring from last year though, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

5. This player stood up to be a middle linebacker and made history.

6. This guy plays defense but he is on the list of lineman who have also played lead blocker at the goal line (joining William Perry and Jim Flannigan). He even had a TD reception from his previous team. Come on coach, give him the rock!

7. As a college QB, he was the lynchpin to his team’s offense but the Bears tried him out at halfback. He never made it to regular season and is now a coach at his alma mater.

8. This sure footed player bounced around at defensive end then switched to fullback before coming to the Bears. He also filled in at long snapper briefly.

9. This player started out as an inside linebacker before making the switch to defensive tackle. His interception against the Jacksonville Jaguars is a thing of beauty.

10. He mostly saw action as a returner and wide receiver but the Bears shuffled him over to halfback for a while as a change of pace back.

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