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Just how good is the Chicago Bears defense?

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Chicago Bears v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears may only have two wins this season, but if you step back and look at how they got there, you’ll see a sputtering offense for most of the season led to the four losses. Defensively these Bears have been pretty good.

If you go purely by the numbers, Chicago’s defense is ranked 6th in total yards allowed (302.7). They are ranked 8th in passing yards allowed (198.3) and 15th in rushing yards allowed (104.3).

They are ranked 25th in points per game allowed (24.7), 17th in third down percentage allowed (39.3%) and tied for 7th with 16 sacks.

Football Outsiders ranks teams by DVOA, and they have the Bears 16th overall defensively.

The Aikman Efficiency Ratings are another popular rankings system and they have the Bears 14th in total defense.

If you’re more into grades, the people over at Pro Football Focus have the Bears with the #3 defense in the NFL.


BEST-GRADED STARTER: Adrian Amos, S, 87.7

WORST-GRADED: Quintin Demps, S, 43.4

No unit has improved like the Chicago Bears have on defense. It still has some issues, but it has been undermined by their offense more than most teams, not to mention injuries. They have some impressive grades in coverage across the entire back seven, while the defensive front has been very stout against the run, even if the pass-rush remains a concern.

Demps had a bad week one, he was a little better week two, then he was hurt week three. Amos stepped in and played like he was pissed off that Demps took his job this off season.

Just how good is the Bears defense? The numbers are one thing, and rankings are another, but defensive coordinator Vic Fangio doesn’t worry about those things. “To me, it’s just what your eyes tell you,” Fangio said via CBS Chicago. “Not what stats tell you.”

To illustrate some of what the Bears’ defense is capable of, I wanted to share this Twitter thread from our guy Andrew Link.

And since Andrew did such an awesome job on these Tweets, it’s fitting I give him the last word.