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Bears vs Panthers Week 7: Panthers leave with tail between legs after Bears triumph in defensive-heavy 17-3 victory

The Bears have 2 wins this season, and Eddie Jackson has a third

Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Bears fans have trouble finding satisfaction. Another week, another bizarrely-frustrating win for the Bears. Full box score can be found here.

The Bears had more trouble moving the ball on offense then they had all year to date, averaging about one first down per quarter. The Bears defense played an amazing game. They trounced and pounced a smoshed the Panthers with incredible bearitude. They provided turnovers and thrilling scores.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to believe in this team until we see something from the offensive, which right now is performing significantly worse than it did last year with the three-headed Cuthoyler quarterbeast behind center.

Mitchell Trubisky

The rookie pigskin-slinger entered this game after two games that offered limited opportunities to display his talents. Today, after the defense Eddie Jackson, gave the Bears the early lead, the Bears coaching staff tried to game-plan him into a corner.

Nobody puts Biscuit in the corner.

Biscuit came out swinging totaling a jaw-dropping 4 completions on 7 attempts. After a 70 yard pass to Tarik Cohen which benefited from beautiful ball placement, Biscuit nearly ran himself in for a touchdown, being betrayed only by his enormously muscular knees.

So OK, he was put in the corner. Both by the game plan and Carolina’s penetration into the backfield, most Bears’ drives were three and outs with up to one pass attempt in unfavorable circumstances.

Bears Defense still making points

The first drive was looking a little discouraging with Cam hitting every pass and scrambling in a wide open middle, but the Bears took advantage of a Curtis Samuel dropped pitch, with Trevathan and Eddie Jackson aggressively combining to make a terrific fumble recovery into a touchdown!

I’m going to be honest, when Prince Amukamara tipped a pass to Kelvin Benjamin in the air in the Panther’s red zone, I was nervous that the offense would catch it and convert a first down. I need to start readjusting my expectations. Eddie Jackson came in from fifteen yards back and intercepted it for an 80-ish yard touchdown. This time he showed he can actually avoid tacklers on his way to the end zone in addition to taking advantage of the free run that he did before.

I think this guy may have been worth trading up for in the fourth round after all.

And nabbing sacks

The Bears pass-rush is really starting to come into a rhythm that I was expecting from the begginning of the season, with Trevathan and Floyd starting things off with two sacks in the first quarter! Akiem Hicks wasn’t willing to late long to join the party at Cam Newton’s floppy prone manscape.

Turns out defensive touchdowns are a bit of a hassle

The poor defense had to keep lining right back up on the field after scoring. Two defensive touchdowns in the first half led to over 22 first half minutes for the Bears defense. The Bears need to have more long offensive drives with Jo Ho to help even things out for this superstar D.

Danny Trevathan

Dirty-man Dan had another week showing up in big moments. He nabbed the first sack of the day, punched a fumble to Jackson on the first defensive touchdown, and swatted a Cam Newton pass at the line, almost holding on to it. Then actually holding on to it for an interception in the 4th quarter.

Akiem Hicks

Love that guy. I’m running out of great things to say about him. I forgive him for the facemask penalty. You should top.

Leonard Floyd

May have only had one sack in this game, but he seemed to have pressure on at least half of his rushes. He’s really stepping up his ability to beat blockers and impacting the game every drive.

Enough with missed tackles and 3rd down gaffs

The defense played great overall, so I’ll leave it at that.

Bears win

Bears win. Panthers lose. This is a good thing. Reminder yourself of that.

Til next week. Hopefully the Saints defense will give this offense something to build on...