Week 7: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Week seven was a very interesting week for the Bears, and I am here to break it down and share my opinion on what was Good, what was Bad, and what was flat out Ugly.

The Good

The biggest up in this game in my eyes is that the Bears beat a above par 4-2 Panthers team. This was a good win and makes the Bears look like a team that is now no longer considered just a free win. Obviously what won the Bears this game was the defense. The defense out scored both offense combined and took over this game. This is something we have not seen in awhile from any Bears unit: the ability to almost single handedly win the team the game. The defense looks stacked with solid players like Danny Trevathan, Akiem Hicks, Adrian Amos, and much more, but there is one player I would like to highlight in particular. A lot of you might think I am going to say Eddie Jackson, who deserves a shout out of his own for those two great plays that won the bears the game, but I am going to talk about a more unspoken hero: Kyle Fuller. Now when I say unspoken that is kind of a stretch because he was praised a lot just not as much as Jackson. Regardless, Kyle Fuller over really the last two games has been phenomenal. He has looked like a locked down corner and has not been getting penalized, which in this age of the NFL is pretty hard to do. Fuller has been one of the key contributors to this Bears defense, and he deserves a ton of credit.

The Bad

Contrary to how the first paragraph was all about the defense, this paragraph is all about the offense. The offense did not look good. I will give them a pass in the first half because they barely got the ball but that second half was dreadful. To blame it on Trubisky would be incorrect because he only threw the ball 7 times. Instead I am going to blame the run blocking. This was not terrible, but if the bears are going to lean on the run game like they have it needs to be better. I will give the O line a break because they have had a pretty good season so far, but they need to bounce back next week. The other thing I want to talk about is that we cannot be this relient on the running game. Being run heavy is great. That is how the Bears have always been, but this seems like too much. In the passing league of today to only complete 4 passes is absurd. I think the way to establish a better passing attack for the Bears is get Trubisky where he is most comfortable: out of the pocket. Then maybe mix in a few quick passes and the occasional screen and boom! We have an acceptable passing attack. Obviously it is not that simple but this offense needs to find something that works in the air attack.

The Ugly

The second half. That was just an Ugly half of football it contained 8 punts and zero points. If those stats alone don’t scream snore fest then I don’t know what does.


As I said in the beginning this was a quality win against a pretty good team. Although the offense looked like 11 monkeys with pads on, the defense stepped up in a big way. This defense has me excited for weeks to come and has a ton of potential. Just know this offense: you better pick it up soon because it is hard to win football games with only 153 yards and three points.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.