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Zach Miller injured his leg then had his touchdown stolen by idiots

Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky threw a beautiful touchdown pass to tight end Zach Miller in the third quarter against the New Orleans Saints. When Miller landed his left leg bent awkwardly in what appeared to be a severe injury.

While the Bears training staff was attending to Miller, the replay officials reviewed the TD, as per the NFL rules.

Since Miller caught the ball, landed with both feet, fell to the ground, then rolled over before dropping the ball, this should have been a quick review. An easy touchdown confirmation by the crew back in the league offices.

But this is the NFL, and no one has a clue what a catch is, so the idiotic replay officials overturned the touchdown call on the field.

I’m not going to share the replay here — that injury was gruesome — and the FOX crew shared it enough, but if you really want to see for yourself had over to Twitter and a quick search will help you out.