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Chicago Bears quarter-season check: Biggest Disappointment

Where has the Bears best pass rusher been?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Bears finished week four three days earlier than the rest of the league, getting themselves plenty of time to put their putrid Thursday night performance behind them and prepare for this week’s meeting with the Minnesota Vikings.

It also gives analysts plenty of time to dissect the first four games of the season.

Remember when former head coach Lovie Smith always talk about the season in quarters?

Well it works nice for Windy City Gridiron to be able to have some extra time to break down the first four games of the season and get to which players are playing well and which aren’t.

Today I’m bringing the team’s most disappointing player and on Friday I’ll bring the most surprising player. Start with the bad and end with the good.

For me, through four games, the most disappointing player not named Mike Glennon is Leonard Floyd.

All offseason it was talk of a breakout year for Floyd. He was healthy, looking stronger and poised to break out and smother opposing QBs.

Yet through four games he’s made nary a peep. He has one sack, one pass deflection, six tackles and a fumble recovery.

Floyd was supposed to be harassing opposing QBs and being a general disruptive force, but there’s been plenty of times where he was wasn’t noticeable at all.

Perhaps the sacks will come but so far the season is off to a disappointing start for the player that was supposed to be the team’s best defender.