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What will the Mitchell Trubisky offense look like?

In Lester’s latest T Formation Conversation podcast, he discusses how the Chicago Bears’ offense will differ with Mitchell Trubisky starting at quarterback instead of Mike Glennon.

Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago Bears’ fans, we will finally get a look at what the future holds this Monday night, when the Minnesota Vikings visit Soldier Field to take on the Bears in Mitchell Trubisky’s NFL debut. We got a glimpse of the Trubisky offense this preseason, and that was enough to whet most of our appetites for the whole enchilada.

While some were ready for the rookie to start the second he was drafted, others started to come around after seeing him preform at training camp, and even more started to crave him on the field after preseason. While there are still some anti-play-the-kid fans out there, most have bought in that his time is now.

With Mike Glennon playing so poorly through four weeks, there is only one logical conclusion for the Bears, and that is to Start The Kid.

But how will the offense look? In my latest T Formation Conversation podcast (Subscribe now on iTunes for free!) I discuss how the Bears’ offense will change with Trubisky starting instead of Glennon.

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