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NFL Power Rankings: Is this the lowest the Bears will be all season?

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Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I think most Chicago Bears fans will like to forget the first quarter of the 2017 season. The Mike Glennon era will eventually be nothing but a small blip in Bears lore, and if Mitchell Trubisky lives up to the hype, 2017 will be forever be known as the season the future started.

The Bears were embarrassed back on Thursday night football, losing 35-14 to the Gren Bay Packers, and it wasn’t even that close. I’d imagine that the various power rankers out there are going to be hard on the 1-3 Bears, but the future looks bight.

We’ll start our trip around the power rankings with SB Nation, and their “hope” rankings, where despite the loss, they are keeping the Bears at 18. I think a certain rookie QB being named the starter is keeping hope alive for the franchise.

Bleeding Green Nation, the SB Nation site that covers the Eagles, has it like this.

26 - Chicago Bears (LW: 23) - Mike Glennon sucks. The Bears are starting the Mitchell Trubisky era. I’ve been waiting to share this tweet for some time now. Lololol. dropped the Bears three spots, down to 24th.

While all of Twitter was calling for Mike Glennon's ouster during last Thursday night's blowout loss in Green Bay, consider John Fox's dilemma. After two subpar seasons, could he really afford another as head coach of the Bears? Does Glennon give Chicago the best chance to win? Not to mention, Fox's boss is the guy who signed Glennon to a lucrative deal. All of which might have led to the Bears dragging their feet in regards to playing Mitchell Trubisky. Right move? Probably. The offense looked dysfunctional for a large portion of Thursday Night's game. For what it's worth, though, Glennon is a better player than he's shown so far. Trubisky's assignment in NFL start No. 1? Taking on a formidable Minnesota defense under the bright lights of "Monday Night Football." Good luck, kid.

Over at ESPN, the Bears fell down to 28th.

Mitchell Trubisky will make his NFL debut on Monday Night Football against the Vikings, and if he wants to win, he'll have to put a bunch of points on the board. FPI has the Bears with the fifth-worst defense so far this season.

If you know what FPI is, please fill in the rest of the class.

Pro Football Talk has it like this,

27. Bears (1-3; No. 24): Once upon a time, a rookie quarterback whose last name started with “T” led the Vikings to a win over the Bears. It’s now payback time. Fixty-six years later.

That was lame. has the Bears down three, to 28.

They're finally playing Mitch Trubisky, but what took John Fox so long? Let the kid take his lumps. He can't do any worse than Mike Glennon.

Here’s how the Washington Post has it.

28. Chicago Bears (1-3) | Last Week’s Rank: 25

The switch to rookie Mitchell Trubisky as the starter at QB is the correct move. The time is right. But the early change underscores how misguided the Bears’ offseason moves at QB were, signing Mike Glennon to a significant contract and then trading up in the draft to land Trubisky. They needed to do one or the other, not both. Now the Bears must hope that Trubisky has the same sort of early success that Deshaun Watson is experiencing with the Texans.

USA Today dropped the Bears down four places to #27.

Rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky enters the fray, though he should be fine if he can effectively hand off to RBs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen.

At first I read that and was like, “Really?” But then I pictured Mike Glennon struggling to reach the mesh point on the stretch play.

Yahoo moved the Bears up a spot?

26. Chicago Bears (1-3, LW: 27)

It made sense to go with Mitch Trubisky for Week 5, but if we’re being honest, it made sense to go with him in Week 1. What’s not ideal is giving Trubisky his first start against a tough Vikings defense, but the Bears are better off not waiting any longer.

What do you guys think about the rankings this week?