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NFL Power Rankings: Where would you put the Chicago Bears?

NFL: Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears were so close to an honest to goodness winning streak.

After winning back to back games, they gave the New Orleans Saints all they could handle, but the loss sent them to 3-5 for the first half of the 2017 season. Three wins isn’t good, but it’s better than most predicted, so let’s take a peak around the internet to see how the “experts” have ranked the Chicago Bears this week.

We’ll start our Power Rankings round up with SB Nation and their Hope rankings. They have the Bears down one spot to 20th.

Oddsshark has the Bears holding steady at 29th. says this about the Bears, “This team is competitive, but it's time to start letting Mitchell Trubisky throw the ball more and learn from mistakes,” while ranking them 26th.

Yahoo has the Bears ranked this way.

25. Chicago Bears (3-5, LW: 23)

Remember all the early-season excitement about Tarik Cohen? As Jordan Howard as gotten hot, Cohen has been marginalized in the offense. He had a 70-yard catch in Week 7, but that was his only touch. That and a 14-yard catch in Week 6 are his only 10-yard plays since Week 3. On Sunday Cohen had only a couple rushing yards on four carries, and one catch for six yards. The Bears desperately need some playmakers in the offense, and they need to figure out a way to get Cohen going again.

Pro Football Talk has it like this.

25. Bears (3-5; No. 23): They were dressed like the Super Bowl XX Bears, and they were playing in the same stadium. But that wasn’t Tony Eason and the ’85 Patriots on the other side of the line.

I get so irritated when experts get things wrong. The 1985 Bears wore their away jerseys in New Orleans for Super Bowl XX. Duh...

The USA Today dropped the Bears one, to 23rd.

They'd built momentum recently. But it's sadly halted going into the bye week, when players will have too much time to worry about TE Zach Miller.

CBS Sports dropped the Bears two, down to 25.

The defense shows up every week, which helps keep them in games. But they aren't good enough on offense yet.

Here’s how ESPN has it.

27. Chicago Bears

2017 record: 3-5

Week 8 ranking: No. 23

Outside of the running backs, the supporting cast surrounding Mitchell Trubisky on offense hasn't been strong. Trubisky has managed to complete 48 percent of his passes in four starts for 128 yards per game.

The Washington Post has the Bears taking a bit of a fall...

21. Chicago Bears (3-5) | Last Week’s Rank: 16

The Bears are 2-2 since turning to rookie Mitchell Trubisky as the starter at QB, and Trubisky is averaging a modest 128 passing yards per game. No one ever said it was going to be easy. But things are still better than they were before Trubisky took over. has the Bears at 17th, down two from last week.

No downward spiral for the Bears, who lost the game in New Orleans as much as the Saints won it. While Chicago was outgained, John Fox's bunch had a touchdown called back and had a very makeable missed field goal. The Bears could've won the opener versus the Falcons, and suffered a few costly -- and ticky-tack -- calls in the Week 5 loss to the Vikings. Chicago could easily be 5-3, if not 6-2.

Quick aside: No one seems to be noticing the productive year Jordan Howard is having. Yes, he logged another drop on a sure touchdown pass (pass catching = Howard's kryptonite), but he also went over the century mark again with 102 yards on 23 totes. He ranks No. 4 in the league in rushing yards now. Worth mentioning -- especially since nobody seemed to notice when he finished second last season.

What are your thoughts of the Power Rankings this week?