If Trubisky does well, Pace is a GM Genius

2016 season - Bears scouts and Ryan Pace fall in love with Trubisky. I mean crazy infatuation. The true belief that this guy has skills that scream the hall of fame in his future. And now the have to figure out a way to make sure he ends up a bear.

They start to try and convince Fox, and he likes him, but Fox sees potential in his defence. Their not that far away, and he's won with a good D and a running game before. Just don't turn the ball over . Fox agrees Trubisky could be special, but doesn't want to wait for him to develop.

Pace doesn't care. Trubisky is his guy.

The bears hear that the browns have there eyes on Trubisky, but the browns also love Garrett. They will get one with the #1 pick, but how do the bears try to influence them to take Garrett.

The Browns want both. Pace decides that's his angle.

Early, 2017 before the draft

Browns think the bears really want a DB or Dline, as most of us did. (After all, the Bears D was much closer to being good, maybe just another piece to bring it together, and Fox's history. but I digress).

So the browns start to talk with the bears about a trade to get Trubisky.

The bears play along.

Hey, if the browns are trading with Pace, they're not trading with the 49ers. Which means there could be a way to use this

The Bears sign a vet to a big $ deal (but made it easy to get out of after one year). This gives the young QB they hope to get time in 2017 to learn on the bench, if he needs it, and reinforces the common belief that the bears plan to draft defense.

The plan is clear now. Pace calls the 49ers, who really want a pass rusher, and don't know the browns want Trubisky.

For this to work, the Bears have to trust the 49ers to silence and let them know they want a QB just to assure the 49ers that they are not taking a DE.

The 49ers want to stockpile picks, and believe this bounty of picks a huge step to rebuilding.. And they are perfectly happy with Soloman Thomas if Garrett isn't there. But they must keep it quiet.

Draft Day, The deal was made verbally before the draft.

If the browns go DE at #1, then the Bears and 49ers make the trade of picks. The 49ers keep it under their hat because they trust that the bears won't pick a DE, even if it's Garrett.

Remember, the browns still think they have a deal with the bears to get the third pick, and know the 49ers really want a DE, maybe Garrett. So they do exactly what Pace thought they would do. The browns take Garrett number 1,and the rest is history.

Pace is a genius

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