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Fantasy Football Week 10 Thread

Your place for fantasy football discussion

Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears
Last call on the Bears defense as a fantasy option
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Each week we’re setting aside this time slot to provide a forum for fantasy football conversation. Bring your questions about who to start / sit in the comment section. We’ll also grade trades and listen to how great your team is - seriously, no one else is going to do that. Let’s help each other win our leagues to ensure bragging rights around the neighborhood.

The trade deadline is fast approaching in most leagues. In leagues that I run, I push it back to the last available week in the system - usually around Thanksgiving - but the default is this weekend.

I have been fairly active in the trade market in two leagues this year - and they happen to be on my best two teams. In a flurry of trades, I was somehow able to come away with the shiniest of shiny toys in Antonio Brown. I held the rights to Tom Brady for about an hour before he was the centerpiece in the trade for Brown with another owner (Brady + Cooper for AB). If that sounds like a master negotiation, well, it wasn’t exactly mapped out that way. I was just trying to acquire talent so that I could control the board and if I got an offer for a QB, I would listen. When the dust settled, I was able to make three trades to consolidate talent into a top 3 skill player.

The flip side of all this trading is the people who are left out. Every time someone else in one of my leagues pulls off a trade, my immediate thought is something like “why didn’t they come to me for the trade? I could’ve given a better deal!” This is particularly painful when someone chooses a different trade offer than the one that you are proposing. I have had plenty of failed negotiations where the person I was trying to trade with simply didn’t care for the wares on offer. My advice to all of us is to not take it personally. If you’re in an active league with people you know, the one and only thing you need to prevent is collusion. People will have different valuations on players and a trade that you think looks terrible might end up working out the complete opposite way when all is said and done. The important thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience - not carry a grudge over something as innocent as fake football.

Okay, your turn. What’s bugging you in week 10? Who is starting the Bears defense this week against the Pack? Bears defense has a great second half schedule and plays Cleveland in the championship week 16. I picked them up in 2 leagues! Den Master Ken has been hoarding them all season in the Official WCG League.