The Challenge

The Challenge

Yes you know the one I am referring to but in case you don't here is what I am talking about. Third and long for the Bears inside the red zone. Trubisky takes the snap and it is a perfectly timed call for a screen pass. Trubisky throws the screen to Benny Cunningham who runs, picks up the first down and then dives for the pile on. He is ruled down at the one but John Foxx challenges this ruling. Well, it turns out the Packers get the ball on a touchback, making this probably the worst challenge this year.

For this it would be so easy just to blame it all on Foxx as to why he would challenge for just one yard, but this, in my opinion, is only a sub plot of the real mistake here: The guy up in the booth or lack thereof. One of three things could have happened. Either A) the guy looked and genuinely could not tell, B) he did not know the rule, or C) he did not check it at all because he thought it was obvious that Cunningham hit the pile on and he did not realize he lost possession. In all three of these cases the guy is clearly unqualified for this job. So, before you blame Foxx research to see where the mistake was made: up in the booth.

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