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NFL Power Rankings: The Chicago Bears are Powerless

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

A week ago, Chicago Bears’ fans had hope. Our favorite team was coming off a narrow loss against one of the best teams in the NFL, and the bye week was going to allow them to self-scout and get ready for what should have been an easier second half schedule. A schedule that started with a Packers team that was missing Aaron Rodgers and were losers of three straight games. Green Bay was also prepping for the Bears on a short week after playing on Monday night.

Everything screamed Bears’ victory.

So of course they went out and Foxed everything up and lost.

Let’s see just how far the Bears fell in the power rankings this week.

We’ll start with the “hope” rankings from SB Nation and in all honestly, I can’t imagine them having the Bears anywhere but 32nd. John Fox has stolen this franchise of any hope they should have.

Color me befuddled, because they moved the Bears down only one spot, to 21st. Unless their idea of hope is, ‘We hope you don’t have to deal with John Fox for much longer,’ I can’t see 11 franchises with less hope than the Bears.

CBS Sports has the Bears down one to 29.

Losing to the Packers pretty much means it's a non-playoff season. What does that mean for the future of coach John Fox?

The Bears are down one spot to 28th according to ESPN.

Projected wins: 5.6. The Bears have games against the 49ers and Browns on their remaining schedule, so there are wins on the table. If Mitchell Trubisky -- who has three touchdowns in five starts -- can start making plays, the Bears could sneak out a few other wins.

Pro Football Talk has it like this,

27. Bears (3-6; No. 25): “Crazy like a Fox” suddenly has taken on a different meaning. has picked up on “Bearsy,” while dropping them to 19 from 17.

Of all the Bears-y ways to lose, Sunday's might've taken the cake. Can fans throw a challenge flag on their head coach while he's throwing the challenge flag? I would rehash what happened, but haven't fans in Chicago been through enough? (You can watch the Benny Cunningham play here.) By the end, it looked like Brett Hundley and the Packers wanted it more, like when Jamaal Williams ran through three tacklers to convert a second-and-4, causing the Bears to burn timeouts just ahead of the two-minute warning. Better news: A little more was put on Mitchell Trubisky's plate, with more good plays than bad.

Yahoo has it like this,

26. Chicago Bears (3-6, LW: 26)

It will be interesting to see how the Bears rebuild their receiving corps next offseason. It’s very tough to find a true No. 1 receiver in free agency, and drafting one is never a sure thing (Kevin White anyone?). But improving at receiver has to be priority A, B and C in the offseason. I’m not sure we’d see a Carson Wentz-type explosion in year two even with a major upgrade in Trubisky’s supporting cast, but I do think he can be very good. He needs help though.

A healthy Cameron Meredith, bring back Kendall Wright and Dontrelle Inman, add a veteran free agent, and a draft pick sounds like a start to me.

The Washington Post has a great idea.

23. Chicago Bears (3-6) | Last Week’s Rank: 21

If someone doesn’t take the challenge flag away from Coach John Fox before the Bears play again, there’s a problem.

The USA Today has the Bears toppling down 8 spots, to 27.

John Fox's decision to challenge RB Benny Cunningham's not-really-a-touchdown right at top of the list of worst game management moves of 2017.

And that’s enough of that...

What are your thoughts on the Bears?