Question for Coaches: An Idea for Weekly Game Prep

I'm sure at this point we are probably all wondering what the Bears are doing every week to game plan for their opponents, but I wanted to pose an idea that I wanted to bounce off some of you guys that know far more about this than I do. Obviously, during the week offenses are scouting defenses and vice versa. CB's studying WR's, Guards studying defensive tackles, so on and so forth.

The thought I had on this last night, which, may already take place, is to spend a portion of the film study scouting the opponents same position group. Bare with me here. In a nutshell, it would be having our WR's scout the opponents WR's. After all, they are professionals and spend countless hours honing their positional crafts, and they should be able to see things that corners and safeties may not. Subtleties, such as dipping shoulders on certain routes or footwork and hand control on running plays. Now I'm just using CB's and WR's as an example here but this would pertain to all position groups. Once their scouting is done, have a film session with the WR's, CB's and Safeties where they share what they see in the other teams position groups with each other.

There are several benefits I see with this practice, such as team building and communication, more in-depth scouting, and lastly the benefit for young players scouting all the other guys that play their position in the NFL and getting to see what certain players do that allows them to be successful professionals. Do you think it would benefit our young receivers to have had them scout the Packers receivers? Not just to find tendencies, but to see what better players at your position do that makes them successful.

I would love some feedback on this from you guys, and as always, BEAR DOWN!

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