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Bears’ Eddie Goldman is quietly having a good year

Photo By: Serena Vitellaro-Wiltfong of VEI Photography

Chances are you’ll be overshadowed when you play alongside Akiem Hicks, who is having an All Pro type of season for the Chicago Bears. When you’re six-foot-four and three hundred and twenty pounds that’s saying a lot. But third year pro Eddie Goldman has played this year in relative anonymity, partly because of Hicks, but also because he plays the less than glamorous nose tackle position.

Nose tackles are often asked to occupy space and control gaps, but Goldman is allowed to play some penetrating one gap stuff as well. He’s a versatile player that isn’t always head up on the center.

According to the NFL statistics, Goldman has 27 total tackles this year, which is second among Bears’ defensive linemen. That figure is also a career high for him. He also has 1.5 sacks, 2 tackles for loss, and 3 quarterback hits, while playing 65% of the teams defensive snaps. Goldman’s stout play up front has also helped the Bears to an eights best 3.9 yards per carry against. He’s also helping his inside linebackers by occupying blockers, and both Danny Trevathan and Christian Jones have a chance at 100 tackle seasons.