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The Bear’s Den: November 16, 2017

As Chicago preps for Detroit, questions swirl about the future of Coach John Fox

Chicago Bears v Baltimore Ravens
Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky #10 and offensive tackle Charles Leno #72 of the Chicago Bears celebrate
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images



Rosenbloom: Can someone knock on Ryan Pace’s door and tell him his coach needs to be fired? - Chicago Tribune - Why does John Farce still have the job? I’ll hang up and listen for GM Ryan Pace’s indicting, embarrassing, dead silence.

Biggs' Bears Q&A: Playing the blame game, coaching candidates, a too cautious QB and more - Chicago Tribune - The Tribune's Brad Biggs answers your Bears questions weekly.

DeWitt: Meet the Lions (with Chris and Case of "The Detroit Lions Podcast") - Da Bears Brothers - Listen as Da Bears Brothers get a firsthand scouting report on the Detroit Lions directly from the source.

Stankevitz: Film breakdown - Mitch Trubisky's most egregious sack and Brett Hundley's back-breaking scramble - NBC Sports Chicago - This week's film breakdown looks at an egregious sack Mitchell Trubisky took, as well as two game-breaking plays by the Green Bay Packers' offense.

Stankevitz: Why aren't the Bears using Tarik Cohen more? - NBC Sports Chicago - Tarik Cohen only played 13 of the Bears' 60 snaps on Sunday, a head-scratching usage total given how the team feels about their rookie running back.

Emma: Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky Critical Of Himself For High Sack Total - CBS Chicago - Trubisky has been sacked 16 times in five NFL starts and 131 recorded passing plays.

Mayer: Bears begin preparing to host Lions - - Three days after their 23-16 loss to the Green Bay Packers, the Bears return to the practice field Wednesday to begin preparing for Sunday’s home game against the Detroit Lions.

Bennett: It's Over For John Fox, So What's Next? - Cover32 - If one thing was determined last Sunday, it's that John Fox wrote his own pink slip. He did that once again by not preparing his team after the bye and doing so

Dickerson: Decision looms on Chicago Bears RG Kyle Long's availability - ESPN - The Bears have to decide whether to shut down their highest-paid offensive lineman or keep hoping he can play through his injury.

Hawley: While in the hospital, Bears tight end Zach Miller gets a bedside haircut - WGN-TV - Since he joined the Bears, he's been lauded as a great leader and teammate for a Bears team that's trying to build themselves into a winner. At the same time, a few people have pointed out Zach Miller's style off the field.

Hawley: Bears RB Tarik Cohen won’t let lack of carries or catches bother him - WGN-TV - For a game that had a lot of reasons for fans to complain, the biggest involved their rookie running back. Just one carry? Just one pass target? Wasn't this the guy thought of as the best playmaker on the Bears roster?

Dannehy: The Argument for Firing Fox - Da Bears Blog - Forget clock management. Forget the stupid challenges. Most of all, forget the play calling. John Fox gave fans - and team management - the only ammunition they’ll ever need to fire him last Sunday. In a big game they had plenty of time to prepare for, his team was sloppy. That doesn’t happen to a good coach.

Morrissey: Your winter-survival guide for brutal Bears and Bulls - Sun Times - Root for rebellion from the Bears and more silence from the Bulls.

Finley: Still limited, Bears G Kyle Long frustrated by injuries - Sun Times - Two-and-a-half weeks after hurting a finger on his left hand, Long was limited in practice Wednesday.

Finley: Worth watching for Bears? Lions WR praises coordinator Jim Bob Cooter - Sun Times - Golden Tate doesn’t want Jim Bob Cooter, his offensive coordinator, to go anywhere.

Telander: Bears prove to be the worst kind of tease - Sun Times - They sucker their fans into believing in them, then inevitably dash their spirits.

Jahns & Hoge: If John Fox is let go, who should be on Bears’ list to replace him? - Sun Times - The Chicago Sun-Times’ Adam L. Jahns and WGN Radio’s Adam Hoge have co-hosted a Bears podcast since the 2015 season.

Mozilla FireFox Web Browser - The official browser of the last 7 weeks of the 2017 Chicago Bears season.


Curl: Why I still believe in this Bears’ roster - Windy City Gridiron - The Chicago Bears’ season hit a low after this Sunday’s loss, but I think this roster is better than it’s looked

Wiltfong: Should we have any faith in the McCaskey family to bring a winner to Chicago? - Windy City Gridiron - We’ve been going pretty hard at the Chicago Bears the last couple of weeks. From Andrew’s Trial of John Fox, to Robert’s The Bears reap what they sow, to Josh’s This Isn’t a Rebuild, it’s a...

Sunderbruch: This Isn’t a Rebuild, it’s a Dumpster Fire - Windy City Gridiron - It’s time to stop giving Ryan Pace and John Fox excuses. It’s time to expect Chicago to do what most other teams in the NFL manage from time to time, and that’s put together a decent season.

LInk's Bears Week 9 Reaction: Three Up, Three Down - Windy City Gridiron - We take a look at how the Bears performed based on the keys to the Packers game as well as three players who performed well and three who did not.

Mitchell: Ten Game Notes From PFF & What I Think About Them - Packers Edition -Windy City Gridiron - PFF spills the beans on their thoughts on the Bears-Packers game, and I respond to their points

Wiltfong: Bears’ Eddie Goldman is quietly having a good year - Windy City Gridiron - Chances are you’ll be overshadowed when you play alongside Akiem Hicks, who is having an All Pro type of season for the Chicago Bears. When you’re six-foot-four and three hundred and twenty pounds...

Zeglinski: First down passing - a Bears' offensive unicorn - Windy City Gridiron - Predictability has sunk Chicago's offense. So it's no shock that when the Bears threw on first down against the Packers, it worked.


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