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Fantasy Football Week 11 Thread

Your place for fantasy football discussion

New Orleans Saints v Buffalo Bills
Do we have a Drew Brees problem?
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Each week we’re setting aside this time slot to provide a forum for fantasy football conversation. Bring your questions about who to start / sit in the comment section. We’ll also grade trades and listen to how great your team is - seriously, no one else is going to do that. Let’s help each other win our leagues to ensure bragging rights around the neighborhood.

Before we dig into the week, may I offer a mea culpa to seven11 for what turned out to be bad advice on Emmanuel Sanders last week? I stand by my thoughts on Brock Osweiler, but we need to consider Sanders a player who can make plays regardless of who is throwing him the ball. He also didn’t show any signs of the injury he’s been nursing, which, to be fair, isn’t something I could know. Nevertheless, I absolutely get stuff wrong every week.

That brings me to this week’s question. Do we have a Drew Brees problem? One of my favorite sayings in fantasy football has long been “no one has ever lost money betting on Drew Brees in fantasy football.” He’s been the most bankable fantasy quarterback at his draft price for a long time but this year it has become increasingly clear that he’s operating a different type of offense. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara took over the game last week, capping what has been an impressive run for both players. The Saints defense appears to be a legitimate professional squadron and not the Swiss cheese unit of years past.

Brees now appears to have fallen out of that top tier with Tom Brady and been replaced by Carson Wentz. This is a problem for literally half of my fantasy teams this year as he’s always a target going into drafts. The other problem is that seemingly only Michael Thomas can be trusted as a receiving option as Willie Snead has been a no-show and Ted Ginn is, well, Ted Ginn.

So, are we ready to label Drew Brees a disappointment? Where do you all think he finishes at the end of the year? Let’s dive in with that and anything else that you’re wrestling with in the comments.