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Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions: NFL Week 11 Pre-Party Open Thread

Last week’s loss to the Packers put the Bears at 0-3 in the division, reduced their already minimal playoff chances, and potentially put the Bears one week closer to a new head coach. Can they beat the Lions for their first win in a month?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Yes, it’s been a while since the Bears upended the Panthers to move to 3-4, and as much as they found ways to have things go right in that victory, they found every possible way for things to go wrong against the Packers in their recent fall to 3-6.

But, we knew this season had potential to be like this. Mitchell Trubisky is getting his playing time, and while he’s definitely not a finished product, Sunday against Green Bay marked a fairly significant step forward in his development. I don’t think anybody had the “Challenge Your Way Into a Touchback” bingo spot being marked before the game, though.

The Bears get the 5-4 Lions in today’s matchup, their first of the season, and I’m sure that as much as Bears fans watched the Monday night game where the Lions thrashed the Packers with interest, the Lions had to be salivating watching the Bears and Packers on Sunday. The Lions boast a pretty strong passing attack, get after the run, and while they allow a lot of yards through the air, not many of those go for scores and a fair amount start going back the other way.

But for the Navy and Orange, there are some bright spots - namely, Stafford’s sack rate of 8.4%, the Browns putting up 201 yards on the ground last week, and ten touchdowns allowed on the ground. If Jordan Howard can get some things done, Trubisky’s job gets a whole lot easier.

Also I’m pretty sure the Lions won’t be prepared for Dontrelle Inman, #1 Receiver- okay, it’s hard to get through typing that with a straight face.


A quick refresher of the gameday procedures, of course, because since the game starts at noon central, the first quarter thread will pop at noon with each subsequent thread popping up as the game goes on. After the game, Patti will have immediate postgame reaction, and tomorrow we’ll start up with our analysis and breakdowns of the game, as well as some looks on what’s to come in the bye week and beyond.

So with all the propers out of the way... Bear Down.


No WCG Sunday Livestream this week, I’m typing this up before rushing to the train station, so we’ll see y’all again next week!