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Bears vs Lions Week 11 Postgame Reaction: Bears lose 24-27 despite best offensive performance of the season

The Bears can notch another L in their losing streak after a disheartening wiffed field goal to end a tight game

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Bears lose a close one. Full box score can be found here.

The Bears started fast in this division home game, putting 10 unanswered points on the board and forcing a turnover in the lion’s first offensive drive.

Things started to bounce the other way though, with Lions earning two offensive touchdowns and a defensive scoop and score to take the lead and the momentum. They kept that momentum until the 4th quarter, but the Bears got hungry late and started chomping and romping their way down the field twice to set up an unsurprisingly missed kick from Connor Barth

Trubisky continued to show some good decision-making, arm talent, and clutch performance. He also continued throw with bad mechanics under pressure leading to some off-target lobs.

Did Fox give Loggains free reign?

The offensive play calling was markedly different today in a terrific way. The Bears came out firing with a pass-heavy offense in the first quarter and it paid off, leading to 10 points and a defense on it’s heels. The running game opened up, and consistently unpredictable play calling took advantage of that. If I were to guess one change that could lead to this big a difference, it would be Fox taking his paws out of the offensive honey pot and letting Loggains go to town with some creative scheming.

Things slowed down when the Bears ran out of scripted plays, but it was nice to see some different looks paying off after so much predictable mediocrity.

Tarik Cohen getting ‘dem snaps

Clearly, the Bears coaches have listened to fan whining, likely responding to a particularly scathing tweet I sent out yesterday, and Cohen got his fair share of snaps and touches. Cohen is clearly an electric playmaker and keeping his threat alive is super valuable to the Bears offense.

Trubisky demonstrates great mental toughness

It was a great game in many ways for Trubisky, but the thing that encouraged me the most about him as the Bears’ franchise quarterback going forward, is the way he calmly and efficiently proceeded after some early discouraging moments. His first two passes were incomplete, and the first was clearly a bad throw on an easy screen pass to Tarik Cohen. His third pass was a first down completion He proceded to lead a drive into the red zone.

Later Trubisky fumbled on a snap handoff which led to a defensive touchdown. He immediately followed that mistake with a touchdown drive where he passed 3/3 for 36 yards and a 10 yard rush.

Too many wide open receivers

On the Lions first offensive touchdown drive, TJ Jones, Kenny Golladay, and Marvin Jones Jr. all had wide-open catches that accounted for almost all of the Lions 95 yyards. Two were in Marcus Cooper’s coverage. Cooper had some decent play early in the year, but he didn’t make any fans for himself with his embarrassing gaffe in the Steelers game, and his play today didn’t help him.

Shaheen stepping up to the challenge with increased targets in Miller’s absence

Shaheen looked good on multiple receptions where he took advantage of his size and demonstrated great chemistry with his roommate QB. Trubisky looked to him multiple times in clutch moments, including a touchdown and a a first down conversion backed up at their own 5. Dare I suggest we have another Bear with burgeoning fantasy relevance? I’ll leave that speculation to Jeff.

Get well soon, Leonard Floyd

Kyle Fuller collided with Floyd in the 4th down and he got carted offf the field. I’m more upset at the prospect of losing Floyd for significant time than I am at losing this game.

Oh Dear, Connor Barth

Oh dear.

The Bears Lose

The Bears are losers. Is it too early to look at mock drafts? I’ve hear there’s a guy named Chubb who’s looking good. Seems like a good name for a Bear.