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NFL Power Rankings: The Chicago Bears are... Ah, what’s the point?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears’ fans are so frustrated that they don’t even bother cutting out eye holes in their paper bags. Just two weeks ago our fan-base was talking about a strong finish to the 2017 season that would give these young players some hope for the future.

But now, after an unforgiovible loss to the Green Bay Packers, followed by a tough loss to the Detroit Lions, the Bears are 3-7 and back in the discussion with the worst teams in the NFL. Up next, a trip to Philadelphia, and you guys remember what happened the last time the Bears went to Philly? I’ve been trying to erase that game from my memory, but still no luck.

Let’s see how they rank the Bears this week as we take a trip around some popular Power Rankings.

SB Nation has their “hope” rankings and the Bears aren’t hopeless, but they did fall to 26th after being 21st last week.

The Bears went up according to ESPN? They are 25th after being 28th last week.

Expectations were low for the Bears this season, so the 3-7 record isn't a shocker. The defense has shown a lot of improvement and Jordan Howard is closing in on a second-straight 1,000-yard season. Rookie Mitchell Trubisky has posted only a 32 Total QBR, but at least he's getting NFL reps.

They lost me at QBR.

CBS Sports has the Bears at 29th again this week.

They play close games, but can't seem to pull them out. The good news is Mitchell Trubisky is getting better, but he gets that Eagles defense this week. has been generally positive about the Bears the last few weeks, and they’re keeping them at 19.

Another close call for Chicago, which badly needed Lee Smith to close a few of these games out. Sorry, '80s reference. What we learned in Sunday's loss to Detroit was that if the Bears' front seven doesn't make life uncomfortable for the opposing quarterback, premier starters can riddle the secondary. Prince Amukamara is Chicago's top cover guy, but too often, Matthew Stafford was able to pick the Bears apart. Speaking of the '80s, the weakness of that famed '85 team was at corner. Of course, this is what usually happened to the quarterback.

Yahoo has the Bears like this,

26. Chicago Bears (3-7, LW: 26)

All you have to do is watch Mitch Trubisky and you can see the promise. He is capable of some marvelous throws, and while sometimes he looks for a running opportunity too quickly, his running ability is a big plus. He seems like Carson Wentz last season, putting up mediocre stats with a terrible supporting cast, but if you look at the film you see the future is bright.

Can someone get me a “Future’s so bright” - “Deal with it” GIF with some sunglasses dropping onto Trubisky’s face?

The Washington Post has it like this,

27. Chicago Bears (3-7)| Last Week’s Rank: 23

The Bears are 2-4 since prized rookie Mitchell Trubisky took over as the starter at QB. But there have been glimpses of Trubisky’s promise, and that will have to be good enough for Chicago.

The power rankings aren’t very good for our team, but do you think the arrow is pointing up, or pointing down for the remainder of the 2017 season?