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WCG talks with former Bears big man, Anthony “Spice” Adams

Check out our exclusive interview with Anthony “Spice” Adams as we talk football, food and the Packers rivalry.

Anthony Adams at Bears-Packers Tailgate

While a Bears-Packers tailgate certainly features lots of food and drink, last Sunday, former Bear Anthony Adams was pushing a keg of a very different flavor than you’re used to seeing. Spice had partnered with Raisin Bran to get those Bears fans fed with something healthy and get fans ready for a morning full of grilled meats and malted beverages and an afternoon full of disappointment. Here’s what Anthony had to say about his eating habits from his playing days, his dislike of seafood, and his downright hatred of the team to the north.

WCG: So tell me about your Raisin Bran cart here.

AA: Tailgating is hard work. You get here early, the game’s at 12, you’re probably waking up at 4 in the morning to make sure you get your spot and get set up in time. What you do is you forget about breakfast. I’ve got my mobile cart here, and I’m going to be dispensing Raisin Bran. I’ve got milk on tap with a milk keg - get yourself a bowl, pour in the Raisin Bran, and you’ve got a heart-healthy option as opposed to hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pork. I’m out here putting smiles on people’s faces.

WCG: In your playing days, when it was Bears Sunday, what would you be putting on your plate?

AA: You know what, I’m not the best example. When it was a noon game, I was trying to get here four hours before kickoff. I’m trying to get over here by 8am, so I’m trying to eat breakfast at 7. I wouldn’t eat - I didn’t like feeling heavy going into a game. I would drink a lot of fluids because I knew I wasn’t going to eat anything. If we had a night game, I would eat a lot of carbs, spaghetti, or some grilled chicken. For for a 12 o’clock game, I wouldn’t eat anything.

WCG: A few months ago, you ran into my family at a restaurant shooting for your food show, and you were trying some squid. Have you come around to seafood?

AA: I don’t like seafood. What was funny is that I had the chef there with me, and I was telling him that I don’t do seafood, but he told me, “try the squid, the way I season it is great.” I told him that it tastes like an eraser. I told my wife about it, and she’s like, “You told the chef that? That’s kind of disrespectful.” And I’m like, “You know, you’re probably right!” Still, I was eyeing that squid, and it tastes like eating an eraser. You put some seasoning on an eraser and eat it, that’s squid. You eat seafood?

WCG: Oh, I love it.

AA: Oh, it’s gross. Fish, shrimp, crab legs, lobster... gross. I don’t eat anything that you can’t put in the fridge and eat it later. Eggs, you can’t put eggs in the fridge and reheat it later... it’s the same thing with seafood. It’s gross, it stinks, it’s nasty.

WCG: I’m going to have to get Charles Tillman over here [who was tailgating at the game a few stalls over] and get you sold on some shrimp.

AA: I’m sure he eats seafood. Charles, he cut off all his facial hair. He looks very different. I tell him about it every time I see him. He cut his dreads off, he looks ridicious. Him and Urlacher, with their hair, they look ridiculous... I tell him about it every time I see him. You won’t see Urlacher now, though. When it gets cold, he’s like a bird... he travels south. He’s in Florida and Arizona, those are his spots.

WCG: Switching around to today’s game, coming into your time with the Bears, how did you get indoctrinated into having a thorough hatred of the Packers?

AA: You realize it Day 1. Coach Smith was very instrumental in letting you know about the rivalry.

WCG: Day one when he came in as head coach, he said job number one was to beat the Packers.

AA: He said that to me on day one, before the ink was even dry, he let me know about how the fans are here, about the culture, and about the [Bears] playing Green Bay. You find out about it: going to the gas station, going to the store - to buy Raisin Bran, of course - and they let you know, like “Hey, you going to get the Packers this week? What’s going on? Are we going to beat the Packers?” You can’t go to the mall, you can’t go anywhere. The whole town shuts down for this game. Rightfully so, it’s one of the greatest rivalries in football. But you know it.

I’m from Detroit...

WCG: Don’t tell me you’re a Lions fan?

AA: No, I wasn’t a Lions fan because I knew the Lions were going to let me down, but I was Barry Sanders fan. I became a fan of players, not of a team...

Being as though I’m from Detroit and went to school at Penn State, and then played at San Francisco for four years, I didn’t understand the rivalry of the Bears and the Packers, but day one, I understood. Game week, coach would show all of these old-school videos of the Bears and the Packers, and how fans would react when our bus would pull up, everything, man, everything. Every time it was Green Bay week, he showed all of these different videos so we would know. Especially these younger guys, they would know how strong this rivalry was.

Anthony Adams at Bears-Packers Tailgate

A big thanks for Anthony Adams and Raisin Bran for the free cereal and the free time.