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Bears vs Eagles Week 12 Postgame: Bears unable to make anything happen in disheartening 31-3 loss to NFC-leading Eagles

All credit to the Eagles, who served the Bears their most comprehensive all-phases loss of the season.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Expectations were low for the Bears coming in. Two touchdown underdogs low. Like many who follow the Bears closely, I expected them to keep this game closer than that. The Bears had other plans. The full box score can be found here.

The Bears' running game wasn't able to do anything and Mitchell Trubisky wasn't able to make anything happen in consistently unfavorable situations. Trubisky had some bad moments mixed in with some decent-to-great completions. Like usual, many of his incompletions fell into the category of throw-aways or rushed throws with bad mechanics. Ultimately, this was the least encouraging game for me in terms of his performance, but it's also something that is completely understandable for a rookie whose team didn't offer any help.

"Special" Teams: a comedy of Berrors

The first two special teams plays: a punt return put them on the 5 yard line because Cohen avoided instead of calling a fair catch and securing the spot and Cooper continued his track record of Bearing things up with a completely unnecessary holding penalty; and a shanked punt immediately after setting the Eagles up for a short touchdown drive. They continued to alternate between poor performance, and poor performance with a penalty tacked on throughout the game.

Trubisky to Inman, tipped by Inman, intercepted by Jenkins, stripped by Sims and recovered by Chicago for a ten yard gain

That's how we do it in Chicago, baby. #BearDown

Welcome to Bears Football, Cairo Santos

I have a feeling you'll fit right in.

Eagle's run defense staked a claim in the Bears' backfield

Honestly, at some point it's just rude. Give a Bear a chance. You'd think having all starters at offensive line would lead to better results. I thought they would run more outside zone stretch plays since it's been a relative weakness for the Eagles, but mostly the Bears just schemed up ways to get tackled in the backfield.

Cre'Von LeBlanc continues to ball out in Callahan's absence

The Bears scored two promising undrafted cornerbacks in 2015 in LeBlanc and Bryce Callahan. They've both played well at nickel and even on the outside when needed. Since Callahan has been out, LeBlanc has shown great coverage and hustle on running plays, forcing a fumble on Jay Ajayi (which of course led to an Eagles' touchdown). I favor LeBlanc slightly, but I'm thrilled the Bears have these two over-performers rounding out their cornerback roster nicely.

Christian Jones remains the play-caller in Trevathan's absence

For those who don't know (I didn't before Christian Jones' poor performance play-calling led me to look into it earlier this season) the player with a green sticker on the back of his helmet is the one with the play-calling headset on. As I've mentioned before, there have been some definite miscommunications while Jones was playing this role. I don't blame this on Jones since he simply isn't familiar enough with the role. He's a great instinctive player and tackler, but having him call plays has been a liability. Hopefully he will get better in this trial-by-fire the Bears are putting him through.

Amukamara makes his presence known...with penalties

So far, Prince Amukamara has had a pretty quiet season. Which is a good thing for a cornerback. He's been the best coverage corner on the Bears in my opinion, and has limited his mistakes. Today, he came up with a new strategy of holding receivers in the red zone and unfortunately the zebras didn't care for it.

Akiem Hicks still manages to shine amidst the suffocating darkness

All-Bear MVP reassured us his injuries wouldn't be slowing him down early, nabbing two tackles for loss in a row on the first drive, more or less single-handedly causing a punt.


This game ruthlessly ripped the band-aid off for anyone holding out hope for the Bears' 2017 season. It also didn't give a lot of material to get excited about looking forward. The bottom line is, the 2017 Bears are a flawed team and the Eagles are a legitimate Super Bowl favorite that steamrolled them today.

The schedule gets easier moving forward, Bears fans. #Bearwithus.