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National media finally picks up on the Firefox thing that has been a thing for well over a year

Google Nears 10th Anniversary Photo Illustration by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

It took the national media long enough, but they finally caught on to something that has been circulating around the Chicago Bears’ fanbase (especially around Bears’ Twitter) for well over a year now. Some ingenious Bears’ fan took the logo for the internet browser Firefox and repurposed it into a rally cry against the head coach of the Chicago Bears, John Fox.

Get it?


As in the Bears should fire head coach John Fox!

There are a lot of Bears’ fans on social media than have changed their profile picture to some variation of the Firefox logo, but it was a Bears’ fan at Soldier Field yesterday that finally clued the national masses in on the movement.

Local media picked up on the Firefox logo thing earlier this year, with at least one, Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun Times, making the logo his profile pic.

A little #Firefox searching on Twitter revealed this guy could be the guy that made it on the FOX broadcast.

EDIT: That guy was the guy!

Now that Firefox is a thing, I wonder if it will make a difference to the Bears organization.

I doubt it...