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I didn’t expect a trash fire from the Chicago Bears

As a part of SB Nation’s theme week, all of the NFL sites are writing about what we didn’t expect to see from our favorite team this season.

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The 2017 season has been bad for the Chicago Bears.

How bad?

So far they aren't as bad as the three win, 2016 version of the team, but just wait...

They could go winless these next five games, and I think another 3-13 season would qualify as worse than last season. Especially when considering most pundits predicted this years team to be better than last years team.

I remember way back when the Bears were 3-5 and entering their bye week, there was actual hope for the franchise. The Bears had two winnable games next up on the schedule, coupled with an “easy” second half, and the Bears were looking at a possible .500 record.

Yay, mediocrity...

But that would have been an improvement over the last few years.

This season has spiraled out of control following the bye week. They lost to the Packers (minus Aaron Rodgers), they lost to the Lions — thanks in part to a kicker that has no business being employed — and then the Eagles smoked them on Sunday.

Even worse than the losses, was the way in which they lost. This team looks ill prepared. Too many penalties and too many mental mistakes.

To make matters worse, what happened to the Bears following their loss in Philadelphia is the cherry on top of the craptastic sundae of a season.

First their plane had issues leaving Philly and they were stuck on the tarmac.

Then someone forgot to dispose of some sushi over the weekend and Halas Hall smelled of rotten fish.

And then, the ultimate metaphor for the John Fox era happened...

This team is just playing out the string, and all we can hope for as fans is to see the players go hard and play with pride, and watch the young players get some valuable experience.

Next year a new era begins.

For the third time in the last six years...