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Jimmy G’s first 49ers start offers a golden opportunity for Mitchy T

With high-profile former Patriot Jimmy Garoppolo starting his first game as a Niner, collateral scrutiny will inevitably fall on Mitchell Trubisky

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

James R. Garroppolo will go head-to-head with Mitchell Biscuit Trubisky at Soldier Field in his first start as a San Francisco 49er.

Jimmy G led the Patriots’ offense for an impressive one and a half game stretch to start the 2016 season, eventually leaving the field with a shoulder booboo, 4 touchdowns, zero interceptions, and 1.5 QB wins. Jimmy G Fever quickly swept the nation with a virulent contagiousity that can only be found in select strains of ebola and all things associated with the New England Patriots.

Trade rumors quickly circulated involving all quarterback-needy teams, including of course our Beloved Bears. The Patriots’ (perhaps retrospectively foolhardy) decision not to consider trade offers leading up to the 2017 Draft elevated his perceived value even higher. Was he a franchise QB, an intangible wisp of cumulous cloud, or simply a dream the Cleveland Browns would never wake from?

Some of that hype may have died down in the interim, but have no doubt: Jimmy G’s first start on his new team will garner considerably more interest than your average December 1pm showdown between perennial NFC bottom-dwellers.

After last Sunday’s embarrassing loss to the Eagles, this is a golden opportunity for Mitchell Trubisky to reset his narrative. He has the chance to show the world—and my coworkers—that he has top-tier talent. While everyone tunes in to watch Garropolo, he will inevitably be compared to the young franchise quarterback across from him. Trubisky doesn’t need to play a perfect game, he just needs to show off a few perfectly-placed balls—ideally throws in motion in clutch situations—and the narrative on his potential can take a swift upturn in the hive-mind of national football opinion(s).

What will happen to the hot-takers poised to tweet off the freshest Jimmy G opinion when the golden boy leaves the field and the midling 49ers defense comes on? Hopefully, Trubisky will calmly throw the ball with natural athleticism beautifully into the hands of a medium-open receiver and a lightbulb will pop over their heads.

I turned this game on to watch Jim G but I can’t stop being impressed by Mitchell Trubisky. Superb poise and accuracy. Football emoji. Sunglasses emoji. Thumbs-up emoji.

The hot-takers who jump on this opportunity will feel ahead of the game: while others were struggling to find a unique opinion on Garropolo, they were able to flip the script and come out on top.

This semi-likely scenario would be a win for everybody. The hot taker, Trubisky, Bears fans, and especially me. I just want to be able to stop repeatedly arguing with my coworkers that Trubisky is talented despite some bad throws and uninspiring box scores.

Because I’m not crazy, right? Trubisky is talented, right? He does throw a beautifully accurate ball when his feet (and mind) are properly set, right? He is sneaky athletic with good-for-a-rookie decision-making and enough humility and insight to learn from his mistakes and continue to improve, right?

Prove it to the world Sunday, Biscuit. So the Bears can go home with pride. So the ney-sayers can slink away to delete their premature bust tweets. So I can stop questioning myself for relentlessly defending you.

Also, I placed 20 dollars on you to win offensive rookie of the year. We need to get some momentum going on this.