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Chicago Bears on a Bye: How not to watch the game this weekend

This is literally everything you need to know about a few things that some of the WCG staff will be doing with no Bears game to watch this week.

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New York Taste 2014 Hosted By New York Magazine Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for New York Magazine

Like the other Windy City Gridiron staffers, this is our side gig. Real jobs, family and school takes up a lot of our time. We may be building towards something bigger, but for now, writing about the Bears here at WCG is our passion. For me, Sunday with the Bears requires a TV, my laptop, my cell phone, and my undivided attention for about 4 or 5 hours. Then I usually get a head start on writing some stuff Sunday night, which always includes me sharing Bears’ related stuff on Twitter.

Even with a noon game, I find myself staying up way too late on Sunday doing something WCG related. But I love it. I love the creative outlet WCG provides me, and I love the interaction with 99% of you guys here and on social media.

But this Sunday, I’ll make other plans. I think I’ll get a couple of pots of chili on the stove. I always do one spicy and one mild. Or, weather permitting, I might pull out the smoker and throw in a nice big picnic roast for some pulled pork sandwiches. I’m a fan of cooking, but an even bigger fan of eating.

What are some other things the WCG staffers like to do?

I’m glad you asked!

  • Ken Mitchell, Den-meister, is also an accomplished photographer. You can check out some of his stuff over an Flickr.
Vyolent Grimm

You can also hear Ken talk about stuff other than the Bears at his podcast, The Echo & Ken Show.

  • Sam Householder is an accomplished photojournalist, and you can check out some of his work right here.
  • By now you’ve all checked out Steven Schweickert’s awesome Twitch channel. You can watch him and Sam play some Madden, and talk Bears every Sunday morning before games right here at WCG on our Pre-Party Open Threads.
  • Andrew Link can be heard on his 2:00 Drill podcast (Subscribe now on iTunes!), and here’s the latest episode for your listening pleasure.
  • Jacob Infante writes about the NBA, the Chicago Bulls and professional wrestling at Rotoden. He also does some more NFL related stuff over at Cover32.
  • Jack M Silverstein wrote a book about the 1996 Chicago Bulls, and his WordPress has some really good stuff too.
  • Kev H is just an all around great guy and wielding the Ban Hammer is a favorite hobby of his.
  • Robert Zeglinski also covers the Bears for the Rock River Times, and he just started doing stuff for The Athletic.
  • My T Formation Conversation Podcast can be found here and you can subscribe to it on iTunes here.

I also help my better half run a photography business. We have one site (VEI Photography) that is set up for more traditional stuff like family shoots, weddings, senior pictures and Quinceañeras, and another site (Shoe Box Burials) for things more on the creepy, non-traditional side.

Following us on Twitter is a must, so just click on our names to follow: Jeff Berckes; Patti Curl; Kev H; Sam Householder; Jacob Infante; Andrew Link; Ken Mitchell; Steven Schweickert; Jack Silverstein; EJ Snyder; Lester A. Wiltfong, Jr.; Robert Zeglinski

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