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NFL Power Rankings: How did the Bears do over the bye?

Photo by: Serena Vitellaro-Wiltfong

The Chicago Bears ended the first half at 3-5, the same as the first season of the John Fox era. That year they duplicated their three win first half in the second half for a 6-10 record. Last year, the Bears opened up 2-6 before finishing up 1-7 down the stretch, and those three wins were the fewest from the franchise since 1982. The only problem, is 1982 was the year they only played nine games because of the strike.

What will the second half hold for the Bears in 2017?

Let’s take a trip around some of the NFL power rankings to see what the masses think about the Bears.

First up are the hope rankings from SB Nation and they have the Bears staying at 20th. asks the question most Bears fans want to know as they rank it like this.

27. Chicago Bears (3-5, Last week: 26)

My big question for the second half in Chicago: Will John Fox let Mitchell Trubisky throw the ball?

ESPN has the Bears holding steady at 27th.

The Bears haven't seen a huge rise in these rankings since the start of the season, but they've performed better than expected, particularly on defense. The Bears rank 13th in points allowed per game this season after finishing 24th last season.

Yahoo sports has it like this.

26. Chicago Bears (3-5, LW: 25)

The Bears do have a fairly favorable schedule the rest of the way, including home games against the aforementioned 49ers and Browns. They’re not good enough to get into the playoff race, but they should end with a record that engenders more optimism heading into next season.

The Bears are still 17th according to

What would the Bears' record be if they had closed the deal on a few of these close affairs? I keep asking the question, only because I want my readers (outside of Chicago) to know how competitive this team has been. Not sure anyone has noticed Akiem Hicks' season, either. The defensive end has racked up seven sacks and 26 tackles.

Meanwhile, "The Pretty Boy Assassin" hasn't had to carry too much of the offensive burden, but when the game slows down for him, look out. That nickname reminds of "Assassin's Creed" and Michael Fassbender. Interestingly enough, Fassbender plays a robot who seduces Fassbender (yup) in the latest "Alien" flick. I miss Sigourney Weaver. #byeweekblurbs

CBS Sports dropped the Bears down three sports after a bye to 28th?

They come out of their bye with a home game against the Packers. The rest of this season is about the growth of Mitchell Trubisky.

What do you guys think about their ranking this week?