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Kyle Long would be the best offensive lineman to “skill position” player for the Bears

Photo by: Serena Vitellaro-Wiltfong

I love it when the big fellas get their hands on the football. Most linemen have always been linemen, so holding a football, let along running with a football, is foreign to the big guys. But every so often a 300 pounder ends up with the ball, and more often than not, something bad happens. If you remember those Football Follies NFL Films videos from back in the day, those are where lineman with the ball in their hands usually ended up.

This week’s theme week topic from SB Nation has all of us NFL sites wondering which offensive lineman on our team would make the best skills position player. If you’re wondering what inspired this week’s topic, here’s a fun play from Sunday’s Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins game.

That’s Raider offensive lineman Marshall Newhouse, and as you can imagine, the internet had a lot of fun with it. Here’s one that I thought was funny from former Bear, Anthony Adams.

For the Chicago Bears, picking the offensive lineman best suited to move to “skill player” is an easy one, as Kyle Long is one of the better o-line athletes in the entire NFL.

He ran a 4.94 forty at his NFL Combine, which is really good for a man of his size. That number is better than some tight ends in the league, including the Bears newest practice squad member, Colin Thompson, who was clocked at 5.01 at his pro day in the forty yard dash.

Last April, I wrote this article on 4/1 — Kyle Long moving to defensive end full time, will play some tight end too, and the man himself liked it so much that he screen-shotted it and shared it on his Instagram.