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The Bear’s Den: December 13, 2017

A heartfelt, sincere Thank You from all of us at Windy City Gridiron to the Ridiculous Devin Hester, GOAT

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
Today, we honor the most ridiculous player in Bears history


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Santatomita: Devin Hester ends his 'ridiculous' career by announcing retirement - NBC Sports Chicago - Devin Hester made his NFL retirement official with a statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

Mullin: Devin Hester leaves more than Bears, NFL records behind - NBC Sports Chicago - Devin Hester's legacy will live long in Bears memory, but his off the field personality also left a lasting mark.

Stankevitz: There shouldn’t be a debate, Devin Hester belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame - NBC Sports Chicago - The official end of Devin Hester's NFL career marks the beginning of an argument for him to enter the Hall of Fame.

Emma: Bears Great Devin Hester Officially Announces Retirement - CBS Chicago - Hester finishes with an NFL record of 20 career return touchdowns, including 19 with the Bears.

Cox: Bears add LB Jonathan Anderson and DL Caushaud Lyons to practice squad - Bears Wire - The Chicago Bears added linebacker Jonathan Anderson and defensive lineman Caushaud Lyons to their practice squad.

Lunch with Larry: 12.12.17 - - Bears Senior Writer Larry Mayer looks back on Devin Hester's career, analyzes Mitchell Trubisky's breakout game and breaks down the Bears receivers in his weekly Q&A with fans.

Mayer: Former Bears star Hester retires from NFL - - Former Bears star Devin Hester, considered by many to be the greatest return specialist in NFL history, officially announced his retirement Tuesday via social media.

Bears Barroom Presents Draft Dr. Phil’s “Silent Fox” – Bears Barroom - You’ll never again listen to the traditional “Silent Night” without changing the words to, “Please John Fox go away…” Draft Dr. Phil’s “Silent Fox.” an instant classic!

All-time return TD leader Devin Hester retiring from NFL - ESPN - Devin Hester, the career leader in combined punt and kickoff returns for touchdowns, is retiring from the NFL.

Hawley: Former Bears kick returner Devin Hester announces his retirement - WGN-TV - For eight years, he made kick and punt returns a must see event at any Chicago Bears game. As Jeff Joniak said, "Devin Hester, you are ridiculous." His plays were so dynamic that it elicited that reaction from his first year out of Miami to his last with the Bears in 2013.

Hughes: Now, Do It Again. - Da Bears Blog - The Bears looked like a professional football team Sunday. Well-coached. Brilliantly quarterbacked. Dynamic. Passionate. Tough. Young! From the second Mitch Trubisky was drafted with the second overall pick, 2017 became about building optimism for 2018. That’s life with a rookie quarterback, especially when there are first and second-year players littered across the roster. For the first time this season the future looked beyond bright for this organization. It looked downright special. Because of the quarterback. Because of the kids. Now they need to do it again.


Finley: Former Bears great Devin Hester retires - Devin Hester, who in his time with the Bears became perhaps the greatest returner of all time, retired Tuesday.

Finley: Bears RB Jordan Howard back and bullying defenders again - The shoulder injury that’s bothered Jordan Howard all season long might have changed the way he ran the ball. The Bears’ running back admitted as much

Potash: Mitch Trubisky would be big chip for Bears in coach derby - The Bears often get beaten down in the ‘Which is the most appealing job’ survey. Not this time.

Cahill: Tony Dungy tells hilarious story about Devin Hester’s Super Bowl TD - Tony Dungy wasn’t going to let Devin Hester beat the Colts in Super Bowl XLI in 2007.


Rosenbloom: Devin Hester's next score should come in the Hall of Fame - It doesn’t take much for some Pro Football Hall of Fame voting to look ridiculous, and speaking of ridiculous, admit it, you’ll forever hear that word resound in your head in Jeff Joniak’s voice when it comes to Devin Hester. “Devin Hester, you are ridiculous!’’ Joniak, the Bears radio play-by-play...

Campbell: Devin Hester retires - 'Hopefully next time I see y’all it’ll be in Canton' - Former Bears returner Devin Hester announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday. “Hopefully next time I see y’all it’ll be in Canton,” Hester wrote in a statement he tweeted out.


Zeglinski: Mitchell Trubisky’s career game - Anatomy of the rookie’s punctuating day in Cincinnati - Windy City Gridiron - Trubisky’s complete performance against the Bengals was an early career marvel. It’s time to break down how he carved up the Cincy defense.

Sunderbruch & Zeglinski's Week 14 Overreaction: Winning! Edition - Windy City Gridiron - The Chicago Bears notched a win, a rarity for the John Fox era. Could it mean something more?

Berckes: Ten Thoughts on the NFL - Windy City Gridiron - Taking a look around the league as we get closer to the playoffs

Zeglinski: An ode to Devin Hester, the most “ridiculous” returner in NFL history - Windy City Gridiron - Hester made special teams in Chicago a main event. Now, as he plans to hang up his cleats and as his star slowly begins to fade into memory, his unparalleled accomplishments won’t soon be forgotten.

Zeglinski: Devin “Anytime” Hester officially retires from the NFL - Windy City Gridiron - Football’s greatest returner ever is hanging up the cleats for good. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Above all, he deserves to be remembered.

Householder: Chicago Bears rookie Eddie Jackson is a playmaking safety - Windy City Gridiron - The Bears fourth round pick is turning in a great rookie season


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