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Fantasy Football Week 15 Thread - Semi-finals

We’re in the money weeks of fantasy football.

Washington Redskins v Los Angeles Chargers
Philip Rivers in the fantasy playoffs? You better believe it.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We’ve set aside this time slot all year to discuss fantasy football. We’re in the semi-finals week and things get goofy fast. Maybe you had been relying on Carson Wentz all year and not carrying a backup quarterback. Maybe you’re forced to start Nick Foles in his place because there were only 3 starting quarterbacks on the waiver wire (in my two quarterback league, this happened). And maybe your team has been lighting the league on fire in part because of Wentz and DeShaun Watson, who are not playing any more football this year. Yes, it must be the fantasy football playoffs. My colleague Patti is rolling out the Biscuit for her playoff game. I’d do that for my team, only he’s not available...

I have three of my four teams alive for playoff glory in my season as my Official Windy City Gridiron League team, the Peanut Punchers, decided to not show up for the first round of the playoffs. My other playoff game last week (the other two teams have playoffs starting this week) was a real nail biter. After some unfortunate things happened in the Chargers game (my guy, Keenan Allen getting tackled at the one, Melvin Gordon punching it in for my opponent the next play, for example), I clung to a small 5 point lead heading into the Monday night game against Brandin Cooks. The Patriots wide out failed to make a grab until the last drive of the game and finished with 3 fantasy points. It was delicious. That team marches on.

In that aforementioned Official WCG League, I’ll be playing Ken the Den Master for 5th place, which no one cares about including both me and Ken. In the winner’s bracket, the writer’s last hope is all in with Jacob’s team, who relies on the hot streak of Philip Rivers and Todd Gurley. Jacob is a slight underdog to Garrett, who will be looking to Big Ben and Devonta Freeman to lead the way to the championship game. I have to cheer for my fellow writer in this one, which means Garrett almost certainly will win.

In the other matchup, the #1 seed had a big loss last week during his bye. Tyler, who has been dominating all year, lost Carson Wentz and will be counting on Nick Foles. However, he does have Le’Veon Bell and Antonio in the heck did we let one guy win both of those players at the auction? Tyler will be playing John, who knocked out the Peanut Punchers last week, mainly on the legs of LeSean McCoy. As someone who will hold a grudge in fake fantasy football against people I’ve never met in real life, I will be hoping John’s team is given the beat-down he so richly deserves. #sarcasmfont

Good luck to all except for those that stand in my way to claiming virtual trophies. Let’s hear your agonizing start/sit decisions in the comments.