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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions: NFL Week 15 Pre-Party Livestream and Open Thread

The Bears got back on the right track with their best performance of the year against the Bengals. What’s in store against the Lions?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon. This feels a little weird, as I’m not used to watching teams in navy and orange playing on Saturdays in December.

(Yes, that’s a shot at my Illini.)

Anyway. Week 15 brings us for some reason a Saturday matchup between a team that’s stretching and grasping at playoff hopes and another team that, well, isn’t. The Lions come in at 7-6 likely having to win out to have a shot at a wild card spot. With a very solid passing game, a defense that takes the ball away and the schedule in front of them, they seem to have a fairly good shot at that...

... Although that schedule comes with the Bengals in Week 16, the Packers led by a presumably-resurgent Aaron Rodgers in Week 17, and a team that had possibly the worst non-wind-aided missed field goal in team history to clinch a loss in the first matchup of the year now coming off their single best game of the year in our Chicago Bears.


Today’s game is at 3:30 PM CT, and that’s when the first quarter thread will go live, with subsequent threads appearing as the game goes on. After the game, we’ll have immediate postgame reaction, and tomorrow we’ll start up with our analysis and breakdowns of the game.

(Since I saw some chippiness in one of the earlier threads - guys, if you feel like anybody’s being out of line, keep in mind the Community Guidelines are always in effect; just flag and move on. Thanks. -S)

So with all the propers out of the way... Bear Down.


So we’ll do a special edition of the WCG Sunday - er, Thursday Night Football - er, Saturday Afternoon Football? Whatever it is, our unofficial pre-game livestream returns, breaking down an excellent game and trip to Cincinnati, talking about what we saw, and maybe some other things along the way.

It’s just me on the show today. Want to get your thoughts in and contribute? Here’s how:

  • Here, in these comments. You know, right here. This post. Look down.
  • Over on the Twitch site, where the stream is hosted. You can follow this link here to go participate in the Twitch chat and follow the stream. Yes, I read both.
  • Over on our Twitters. I’m at @SJS_illini. Sam’s at @SamHouseholder. And the WCG main twitter is @WCGridiron.

We’ll go live at 1 PM CT for this special edition. See y’all then...