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Bears vs Lions week 15 reaction: Bears show up to Ford Field ready to underperform, deliver.

The Bears' follow-up last week's dominating win with a huge let-down in now-classic Fox fashion

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

At this point in the season, all I want to see is some exciting plays on offense and some progress from the Bears' young players. Clearly, that was too much to ask. There were a few bright moments for the Bears, but when the offense isn't moving the ball, it's hard to care.

Full, annoying-to-depressing box score can be found here.

The Lions looked good today

I give credit when credit is due. And the Lions' all-grey outfits looked terrific a Ford Field today. I like honolulu blue, but I think it's best used as a splash of accent color than a full uniform. Well played, Lions.

Lions ready for the run

After being embarrassed by Jordan Howard in week 11, the Lions came prepared and started strong on run defense, stopping many runs with minimal gain and breaking into the backfield for tackles for loss. Besides the Lions stepping up, I'd be remiss not to point some fingers at the Bears run blocking and Loggains repeatedly showing his hand in personnel decisions. I'm pretty sure Burton's main purpose is to let the other team know when the Bears are going to run.

Bears run defense takes the day off

This is the type of game that makes you feel like you know nothing. Ask me before and I would be most confident that the Bears run defense would be able to hold the Lions midline attack at bay and the Lions would be able to do little to slow the onslaught of Jordan Howard.

Is screen on first down the new run on first down?

The first two Bears drives started with screens to Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen. The Howard screen worked out, the second one led to a screen run sack which felt a little too familiar for my liking.

McPhee was a good Bear today

It's easy to be frustrated with Pernell McPhee's injuries, and he's had an unimpressive year, but he was a difference-maker on multiple plays today. I for one appreciate the effort.

Acho Acho man with a forced fumble and a sack

Nice to see this mid-roster grinder for the Bears get some glory. The one nice thing about injuries is seeing other plays on the roster get a chance to shine. Sam Acho has always ready to step in and step up when the moment calls.

#TricksyBisky strikes again

Mitchell Trubisky caused the Lions to jump on two hard counts in the first half. At one point, he had more hard count yards than the Bears had rushing yards.

Two steps forward, one Biscuit back

Last week, Trubisky was accurate on every pass. He set his feet before his throws and stayed composed under pressure. Perhaps he was expecting things to go as smoothly this week, but when they didn't some bad habits popped back up, including a poor-mechanics throw to Darius Slay, who obnoxiously had the presence of mind to tap his feet in bounds to make the pick count. Can't we just get away with one? #ComeOn. Whatever, he threw two more.

He definitely showed some good things. And I believe in him as the Bears franchise future, but he is a rookie and unfortunately is still making rookie blunders.

Welcome back to the backfield, Akiem

Akiem Hicks, all-Bear defensive end and all-around super-stud hadn't had a sack since October. Of course he's still gotten into the backfield frequently and stuffed the run like it was a thanksgiving turkey. But the sacks are just so much more satisfying. Thank you for sacking Stafford today, Akiem!

Did Bellamy finally find the right soap for his butterfingers?

I doubt many people have bothered to notice, but Josh Bellamy has not dropped a pass since week 10 against the Packers. He's not a bad receiver in terms of getting open, I've just never had faith in him catching the ball. Maybe he's turned a corner, and if so, I'll welcome him back as the Bears' 5th or 6th receiver. Or maybe he's on a lucky streak that will end disastrously right when the Bears count on him in a huge moment.

Bradley didn't play So Well

Backup tackle Bradley Sowell came in at guard after backup-tackle-playing-guard Tom Compton was injured and gave up a sack on his first play. I miss Eric Kush so much.

Bears literally tripping over themselves

Whether it was Dontrelle Inman or Kyle Fuller, Bears players did their best to perform on the field interpretive dance-falls metaphorically represent the Bears' overall performance of the game. Pretty much nailed it.

One thing's for sure about John Fox's Bears, they don't do well when they have a reason to feel confident. They almost always lose when they are favored, and coming off a strong week, the showed up only ready to play if everything went smoothly for them. They might get a surprise win against a good team, but they'll never deliver when they are supposed to. Bear with our Beloved for the next couple games. It'll either be a rough stretch, or a rough stretch with a moment of false hope that makes the let-down hurt just a little more.

Also, I was medium-wrong about starting Trubisky in fantasy. The Bears can't do good things twice. I should have known better. My apologies to anyone who played him based on my poorly-reasoned defense of the choice.