OLB perfect storm

In looking forward to the offseason and hopefully the end of the rebuild/ being competetive

I've been reading complaints about Arden Key being dropped into coverage too much for a star pass rusher.

now that sounds familiar and it got me thinking:

lets assume for a second that Key is Floyd 2.0.

and assume that either we retain Fangio or the new D Co-coordinator uses his OLBs in a similar way

Imagine a 3-4 with a "star" pass-rusher/ decent cover guy on either edge. the offense would never know where the pass rush was coming from in the base D and when we go to nickle we'd have Floyd, Hicks, Goldman, Floyd2 and be able to "zone blitz" Kwitkoski (for example) and still drop two LBs into coverage that can cover

I think the conventional wisdom is to find a McPhee like power guy for the other bookend but in the pass happy NFL coverage ability is at such a premium and fooling an offense can make such a difference I think this might be the answer for us.

thoughts on 2 Floyds as a d-strategy?

thoughts on if Key is actually Floyd 2

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