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Mitchell Trubisky is the Best rookie quarterback in Chicago Bears history

Chicago Bears v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Simply saying ‘the quarterback history of the Chicago Bears isn’t very good’ is an understatement. You have to go all the way back to 1985 to find the last Pro Bowl quarterback that played for the Bears (Jim McMahon).

Even the Cleveland Browns have had more Pro Bowl QBs than the Bears in the last 30 years (They had two, and bonus points if you can guess them).

The greatest passer in the history of the Bears franchise made his name in the 40s (Sid Luckman). The franchise leader in yards and touchdown passes was also one of the most controversial players in their history (Jay Cutler).

In total, the Bears have drafted a quarterback 61 times since 1938, and none of these rookie signal callers have thrown for more first year yards than Mitchell Trubisky has in 2017.

Last Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, Trubisky passed Kyle Orton to become the all time leader in rookie passing yards for the Chicago Bears with 2,015. Orton achieved his 1,869 rookie yards in 15 games, while Trubisky has played in 11.

Trubisky is only 15 passes from having the most rookie completions in franchise history.

Trubisky likely won’t be able to catch Chicago’s rookie passing TD leader, Charlie O'Rourke’s 11 in 1942, but he’s only two TDs away from Orton’s and McMahon’s 9 for second all time.

Trubisky’s 59.9% passing is the highest of any qualifying first year starter in Bears history, and his 246 yards rushing is third most among all Bears’ rookie QBs.

He’s currently sitting at 7 touchdowns with 7 interceptions, and if he can inch that TD number in front of the interception number, he’ll be the first Bears’ rookie since Rex Grossman in 2003 to have more TDs than picks. Rex was 2 to 1 that season.

If you look at the overall quarterbacking numbers in Bears’ history, Trubisky has a legit chance to end the season in the top 25 in passing yards. He’s only 264 yards away from passing Dave Krieg and the 25th spot in franchise history.

I know it’s really, really early, but I think the future looks bright for Trubisky and the Bears.

Sound FX: Mitchell Trubisky (Week 16)

Rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky was mic'd up in the Chicago Bears Week 16 win, where he showed off his dual-threat ability, made snow angels and produced this gem with Mark Sanchez: (Offered tray of hot drinks) Sanchez: "Looks like wine and cheese, where's the salami?" Trubisky: "No thanks, that'll hurt my stomach."

Posted by Sound FX on Wednesday, December 27, 2017