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Bears vs 49ers post game: Bears conservative offense can't do enough to outscore Robbie Gould in 14-15 loss

Tarik Cohen brought some spark to a mostly lifeless Bears performance

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

In case anyone was wondering if the Bears were going to come out firing today, Loggains set them straight with a classic Bears run-run-sack-punt drive to start out on offense. Aside from a touchdown drive that started with good field position thanks to Kyle Fuller, the Bears offense had trouble staying on the field with the predictable and conservative play-calling Bears fans have become all too accustomed to.

Full box score can be found here.

Trubisky played well in limited pass attempts, but after the Bears took an early lead, pass attempts became allowed only in obvious passing situations.

This was almost the perfect John Fox game. Get ahead early, give up on offense, and keep your defense on the field as long as possible without allowing a touchdown. Makes sense. You can't prevent touchdowns from the sideline. Unfortunately, the Bears gave up too many yards and too many field goals to good ol' Robbie.

Tarik Cohen keeping the Bears fun to watch

Coh Coh was in fine form today. This was most obvious in a 60+ yard punt return touchdown, but he also had a couple great runs after catches in space.

Golden Boy Garoppolo throws his first pick to Kyle Fuller

Fuller's had some down games, and in the midst of a Bears' free fall to hopelessness, it's easy to forget about the fact that he started out looking like this would be a comeback season for him. Fuller did his best to remind us today, impressingly wrenching the ball from whatever scrub 49ers receiver it was who tried to catch it, setting the Bears up for their first touchdown.

Bears Defense running on threads and looking like it

It's great to have Danny Trevathan back, but too many injuries at outside linebacker, cornerback, and safety led to some mediocre pass defense.

Robbie Gould carries the Niners offense in first game back at soldier field

The Bears red zone defense held up, allowing Gould to score a whopping 5 field goals and carry the 49ers offense to the promised land.

Jo Ho still has butter paws. We still love him.

Howard dropped an easy catch early and nobody was surprised. He made up for it on the ground.

Welcome back Lamarr

I've always liked Lamarr Houston more than most, and he certainly showed his worth today with a 10 yard sack early that led to a punt.

The 49ers dominated time of possession and considerably outgained the Bears on offense. They deserved to win.

Maybe this year the 49ers will be the team offering a handful of picks to the Bears to swap up a spot in the draft.