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John Fox doesn’t coach to win

And this is a problem in a business where the only thing that really matters is winning.

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

At some point in his near forty years of coaching, John Fox must have had winning games a top priority of his, right?

Winning could have been a big deal to him back in 1981 as Long Beach State’s defensive backs coach.

Maybe winning mattered to him as the Steelers' defensive coordinator in 1988.

I’d imagine wins were important for him when he was running the Giants’ defense in 2000.

He helped get the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2003, so winning must have mattered then.


At some point in Fox’s coaching career he stopped worrying about winning games and he started coaching not to lose.

That’s a loser's mentality.

If it wasn’t for his fortunate time coaching Peyton Manning in Denver, John Fox would have an overall losing record as a head coach. He was 73-71 in his nine years in Carolina, 46-18 in Denver (38-10 in the Manning years), but with the Bears Fox is 12-32.

His .273 winning percentage in Chicago is the worst of all time.

There is no reason the Bears should keep Fox as their head coach for the remainder of the 2017 season.


At the end of today’s game John Fox chose to let the 49ers try a last second chip shot field goal, rather than let them score a touchdown. If he let them cross the goal line, his offense would have had about a minute to try to answer. When asked about this in the post game press conference, Fox actually said that they “felt good about the block we had on the potential field goal.”

Andrew dug up the numbers to see the chances that a field goal block would have been a likely outcome.

John Fox doesn’t coach to win.

Coaching not to win makes him a loser.

Fire him now.