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Do the Chicago Bears have any future head coaches on staff?

Photo By: Serena Vitellaro-Wiltfong of VEI Photography

This week’s SB Nation theme week question had me literally laughing out loud.

Which assistant coach on your team is most likely to become a head coach in the future?

Three win teams generally don’t have any hot head coaching candidates among their assistant coaches.

Maybe a losing team that has a coaching staff that is on an upwards trajectory, but this Bears staff is on their last legs. Head coach John Fox will be fired at the end of the 2017 season, if not sooner, and with him, most of his entire staff will be looking for employment as well.

Before I go any further, let me give my answer to the above question.

None of them.

Now, I’ll try and sort through a couple unlikely scenarios.

If the Bears somehow do the unthinkable and fire Fox before the season ends, then I only see one logical candidate on the current staff to be named interim head coach, and that’s defensive backs coach Ed Donatell. If this happens then technically Donatell would fit the criteria of our theme week question.

But if Fox remains in place, then I only see one other assistant that may have a head coaching gig in his future. It won’t be in the NFL, but I think 37 year old Dowell Loggains could end up running a college team in the next few years.

It might do Dowell good to distance himself form the stink of the John Fox philosophy he’s been working with this season, and don’t forget, earlier this year Loggains was mentioned as a possible up and comer in the coaching ranks by ESPN. Loggains has that rah-rah energy that could fit in college, and after ten years in the NFL, a change to the NCAA may do his career good.

This season obviously hasn’t gone according to plan, but when looking over the current Bears’ staff, I don’t see anyone else that may get his own team to run someday.

Vic Fangio doesn’t seen to fit the mold that teams are looking for, and he may be content to coordinate defenses for the remainder of his coaching career.

Wide receivers’ coach Zach Azzanni (40-years old) has a lot of college ties, and even some coordinating experience at Western Kentucky.

What about Jeff Rodgers, their special teams coordinator? Or Curtis Modkins, their running backs coach?

Do any of the Bears’ assistants strike you as future head coaches?