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Top 6 Ryan Pace In-House Chicago Bears’ decisions

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears’ general manager Ryan Pace and his scouting staff have no doubt gone over every single free agent scenario that they can think of, both internal and external. They’ve done countless mock drafts, they’ve gone over the salary cap figures and how contracts will affect the bottom line for the next several years.

Prepping for the 2017 NFL season started a long time ago for the Bears’ front office, but there are a few in-house moves that need a definite resolution before they can attack March 9th, the day the NFL new year begins.

March 9th is the day teams can sign new free agents, trade players and decide on their own RFAs and ERFAs.

In the latest edition of my T Formation Conversation Podcast (Subscribe now on iTunes!), I predict the top six in-house moves that Ryan Pace has to make before he can execute his 2017 Bears’ offseason plan.

Sound off in the comment section on your top in-house moves Ryan Pace needs to make...