Brian Hoyer is not the Answer as Starter or Bridge for our Bears

As a Bears' fan who has suffered the craptastic history of the carousel of starting QBs we have endured seemingly forever, I am of the opinion that Hoyer has done absolutely nothing, ever, to EARN the right to be the starting QB for my team. Rather than comparing him to any other QBs, I offer the following biography of his career to be evaluated by you on its own merits or lack thereof.

Hoyer came into the league in 2009 as an UDFA signed by the Patriots. He played for the Patriots as Brady's backup until 2012 when he was cut in late August getting down to final roster size for the 2012 season in favor of NE keeping Ryan Mallett as Brady's backup. He didn't play again until November 2012 when the Steelers’ QB corps was decimated by injuries. He was cut by the Steelers, before the season ended, in early December, 2012 and picked up off waivers by the Cardinals. At the end of 2013, after offering a 2nd round tender for him as a RFA, they passed on signing him and giving up a 2nd round pick as they had traded for Palmer and signed Stanton as backup.

In 2014 he was signed by Cleveland as a backup to Weeden who injured his thumb during the season giving Hoyer a chance to start but his season was cut short by an ACL injury. He won the camp competition to be the starter in 2014 in front of newly drafted Manziel. Hoyer QB'ed the team to a 7-2 record and then went on a 4 game nosedive during which he threw a total of 1 TD while giving up 8 interceptions for a 13 game total of 11 TDs and 12 INTs and was benched in favor of Manziel. In this season, his first opportunity to become a longer-term starter for Cleveland and recognized as a starter in the league, he failed to earn that role and wasn't re-signed by Cleveland at the end of the season and his contract.

In 2015 the Texans signed him as a FA to a 2 year contract and named him the starter entering the season. He was benched in the 4th quarter of the season opener in favor of Mallett who started until he was injured in week 5. Hoyer QB'ed the team from Mallet's injury to the first playoff game in franchise history, a game in which he completely failed, throwing no TDs and 4 INTs leading to a shutout loss and him being cut with a year remaining on his contract.

During 2016, in his 6 games and 5 starts for our Bears he threw for some gaudy empty stats and took care of the ball but only put up 6 TDs. That’s 1 TD for every game and 1.2 TDs per start. You can’t win in the NFL with such pathetically meager production and you are not a starting caliber QB.

In his 8 year career Hoyer has had 2 opportunities to be the starter for 2 different teams and has peed down his leg, screwed the pooch, crapped the bed or whatever cliché you would like to use to describe his failure. Why some fans suggest and even, gasp, advocate for Hoyer to be the starter for our Chicago Bears is a mystery to me that is equivalent to who shot JR, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, whether Anna Nicole Smith married Howard Marshall for his money or love and other great mysteries of the world. What we do know is that is that he has not succeeded in stepping up and taking the starting QB role on 5 different teams prior to his tenure with the Bears. We know that the talent evaluation professionals on these teams have not thought him worthy of being given the rudder to guide their ship. If nothing else this odd and baffling stance of some in our community could be endemic of an odd but highly contagious illness, suffered by some for as long as I have been a fan, in which the patient incessantly advocates that we start the backups, misfits and castoffs of the league.

Brian Hoyer, throughout his career including his time with our team has done absolutely nothing, ever, to EARN the right to be the starting QB for my team.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.