We Need A B.U.S..

Along with other needs. B.U.S. stands for Butkus, Urlacher, and Singletary.

These players were game changers at the middle linebacker position, and we need it so bad.

I gather we play in a three four position, but a middle linebacker that is a captain on the O is IMHO, a big asset.

All three of them where players who had to be game planned by the opposition.

With Butkus, he needed to be double teamed, he was the driving force on the defense. There are pictures of him holding up the O line whilst other players took advantage and sacked the QB. He was brutal in the hits he gave out, and did not slow down in any plays, even when he was crawling onto the field. He transformed into a machine that was geared to hurt.

Singletary was a conductor of traffic on the D , directing players around him for the bigger impacts.And making himself known to the opposing QB with those 'shark' eyes.Souless, but forever a team type player, giving repetative warnings to the opposition on what was going to happen on the next play.

Urlacher was, in the early parts of his career, when we had two big D ends, the blitzer. Then later on, became the hub of the wheel, in the bend don't break D. Putting players in position and using the full expansion on the field to cover opposition. Wether it was left to right or forward or backward, he was on the coverage for most of the game.

We also need a Richard Dent type of player to elevate the D Line, no matter how many blockers, if he didn't get through someone else would. A total game changer breathing hard on the face of the opposition QB. MVP in the 85 Super Bowl due to his perfect game.

What else do we need? I will answer that question

A 'Charlie', Yes a Charles Tillman/ Charles Woodson, (I know Charles Woodson didn't play for The Bears), but if he had, he would have still been a HOF, player. Hopefully our Peanut becomes one. The type of CB, secondary player that you DO NOT throw the ball to whoever he is covering .

Limiting a QB in this form, is taking away that part of the field, restriction is a great form of defense IMHO.

it's like kicking the ball straight to Devon Hester, you do not want to do that.

Forming a formidable D that's totally going to beat The Packers, is another way to get into the play-offs. I hope the coaching staff on The Bears are looking at these positions, and draft these type of players.

I hope people agree with this post, and give their thoughts after reading. Positive or negative. Thank You

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