How to Grap Garoppolo

I'm not a guy that believes anything Jason Lacanfora writes, but he claims to be sourced in his story that the Bears will make landing Jimmy Garoppolo their number one offseason priority. Whether this is the best decision for the Bears or not, is not something I will address here. What I will focus on, is his likely price tag and how the Bears can pull that off.

It remains plausible that a team will offer a first round pick for Garoppolo, but as Greg Gabriel has said, his value is strictly a second round pick (where he was drafted) and anything beyond that would have to be conditional and based on incentives. Of course, the way economics works is that the price becomes whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay. Based on recent history of how Belichick runs drafts in New England, I feel confident that two high second round picks to someone in the NFC (no team wants to trade a guy in the division or conference) gets it done.

Using the Fanspeak Premium Draft Simulator, I wanted to see what a Bears draft might look like with the goal of sending two second round picks to the Pats for Garoppolo. I needed a context to operate from, so I imagined that the Bears had signed Trumaine Johnson (CB) and Dontario Poe (DL) in free agency. This left the biggest draft needs as: QB, S, WR, TE, OT, and EDGE rusher. I realize some here think we are fine on the Oline. But I would prefer an upgrade at either tackle spot.

Using the Matt Miller draft board (a draft guy I respect) I took the computer's offer of a trade for 1/3 to Carolina for 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 3/35. This is a ransom to trade down five spots, and I took it. This set me up with 10 overall picks, which is ridiculous. This was my plan though, for wheeling and dealing throughout the draft. I will save you all the details, but I ended up with a draft class of:

1/8: Malik Hooker (FS) Ohio State. Range for days and elite ball skills. Not a thumper. Injury concerns, but should be healed by rookie camp.

2/4 and 2/8 traded to New England for Jimmy Garoppolo

3/3, 3/8, 3/35, traded to the Chargers for 2/6

2/6: Garret Bolles (OT) Utah. A little older than ideal for a prospect, mature, projects to be able to play the left side. Very athletic

4/4: JuJu Shuster (WR) USC. Decent size, very good play strength, great RAC ability

4/10 Derek Rivers (OLB) Youngstown State. Good size, good tape, getting good reviews so far by all star (pro) coaches. Bears could use pass rushers in the pipeline for an aging Willie Young and a gimpy Pernell McPhee

5/3 Damontee Kazee (CB) San Diego State. Probably not big enough to start at CB for Fangio. Fierce and aggresive, would make a great nickel CB (which is basically a starting position these days in terms of snaps on the field

7/3 Dare Ogunbowale (RB) Wisconsin. Doesn't do anything great, does everything well, can block, catch, and has natural running instincts. In the 7th round, I'll take a guy who can battle for a roster spot on offense and all phases of special teams

In review, I accomplished my goal of landing Garoppolo for two 2nd round picks, and actually acquired a third used to take an emerging LT prospect. The trade down was possible after having still grabbed an elite FS. My biggest regret was not upgrading at TE. This offseason helps us break camp with an imposing defensive front seven, improved playmakers in the defensive backfield, and a guy in Garoppolo that leaves you feeling like you can win most weeks.


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